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    New Pool build in TX. :)

    Infloor System and rebar finished.
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    New Pool build in TX. :)

    Pictures of 1st dig (Before they re-dug to 4' deep in shallow end.)
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    New Pool build in TX. :)

    Pool Plan
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    New Pool build in TX. :)

    Hello all!! Hope you love to read, because this is a long one. Well, lets get right to it. My wife and I bought our 2nd home 2 months ago. We already planed on having a pool installed when we closed. We spoke to a few PB's before and after the closing. We ended up picking our PB not based on...
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    New pool in Jersey...they're here!

    Screws for the lights? What type should be used for salt water? Mine getting done soon.
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    New Pool Build - Houston, TX

    You must not have a restricted easement lol. Pools looks close to the fence. I'm loving your beach walkin and your pool looks amazing!! May I ask what your pool cost? Is it Salt water? Are you going to run a chiller? I'm in Katy and we're just waiting on Katy to approve our permit for...