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    Pool pole and nets - Australia

    Hi just trying to get a good pole and leaf/silt net. Had originally ordered the Pro Tuff gear . After a month just told they don’t deliver anymore to OZ. Sad really, great reviews and gear. Buying through Au Amazon just a net is $138…..then delivery. As such looking for suppliers or...
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    Poop in and around pool

    Just started to get what looks like poop, dark splats on the tiles. In the pool, looks like bits of dirt in a few places. Initially thought it was gutter mud from birds , but includes my deck now so it’s an animal of sorts. Maybe Bats ?? have upped my chlorine and brushed - can’t work out...
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    Winterising Pool Australia

    Hi just wanted some knowledge of how to prepare a pool for winter. Assuming will be pretty much the same as is, maybe reduction in FC ? Appreciate in Brissy we have until maybe May but thought I’d ask whilst learning the ropes.
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    Pool Match FC Query

    Hi have a paid version of Pool Math - I noted that when I change the actual and target FC it doesn’t update. Even if I add a new log it updates the actual but I can’t change the FC target. I have an actual of 8 that’s my target also but target is showing 5 . Does this default to recommended...
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    Borates in Australia ?

    Continue the Australian theme, have been looking into Borates addition. Not been able to find a non commercial boric acid supplier - looking at pool math seems I am looking at 12+ Kilos. I don’t fancy Borax route too much messing around. just seeing if any Aussies have done this, thoughts...
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    Hi for Australia

    Hi from Brisbane, just signed in hoping to gain to much needed knowledge, being newbie seems like so many purchases and options needed. so here I am.
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    New Starter Maintenance Confusion

    Hi just joined , looking for some expert guidance and next steps for my pool few months old. I read the ABCs but still confused on if I should shock weekly anyway as a maintenance thing ? If so use liquid chlorine or other. I ask as my pool testing place suggests I don’t need to shock...