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  1. J

    New Build - Northern CA

    Hey all figured its my turn to get some photos posted here. Broke ground finally the week before Christmas. very surprised with the amount of water, more on that next but first Photos!
  2. J

    Equipment Bid Review

    Hi all. I'm working on a backyard renovation & pool project. Any suggestions/help with the equipment for this bid would be appreciated. Pool Specs: Pool Square Feet: 486 Pool Perimeter: 87' Pool Depth: 3.5' to 6' Hayward Pool Equipment: OmniPL pool control panel which is fully automated and...
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    Just Getting started, Loomis CA

    Hi! So glad I have found this site. So much helpful info. I live in Loomis CA nice to see some local neighbors on these forums too. I'm just getting started on planning a new pool install. I'm leaning towards owner build but before I start drafting up plans I was curious what some of the...