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    Help do the math please...

    Thank you folks for your answers! I appreciate it. I will hopefully come back in a week or so and let you know my results. Have a great day!
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    Help do the math please...

    I have completely refilled my pool being it is a totally new above ground pool It has 6,818 gallons of salt water in it and no CYA. That is right. I have not added any conditioner yet. I went to that place who's name will not be mentioned and bought a 4-lb. tub of their branded conditioner. The...
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    Why I Love Rain

    You shouldn't have to do that at all if your pool is full. CYA and Borates pretty much stay the same unless you remove water and I don't mean by evaporation. Watre loss due to evaporation would make the CYA and Borate levels even higher I would think. Please explain.