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    aquaBRIGHT Finish

    I really like my EcoFinish. The look, durability, feel etc are all very nice; what surprised me was how much I like that it is inert. Unlike plaster, it won't erode if PH is too low, or CSI is too negative. Likewise, calcium will have a very difficult time depositing on it, unlike plaster...
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    Maximum FC level

    Maybe it is the cycling and exposure to oxygen. My Dolphin has bee underwater for 2 years and I don't see any issues. It is as good as new with the exception to some scrapes from when I'm used to have aggressive calcium deposits.
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    Raspberry Pi for pool monitoring?

    That DPD sensor looks interspersing. It appears to measure FC vs ORP. Let us know how much it costs. If it is accurate and maintains cal, it would be a way to lengthen the life of SWGs.
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    Trouble with cloudy water

    Give us a full set of measurements from your Taylor kit. FC - CC - TA - CH - PH - CYA - Also, probably best to SLAM with plain chlorine (bleach or liquid chlorine shock) because this ONLY adds chlorine. For example cal hypo also adds calcium. How are you normally chlorinating? SWG...
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    Water loss from solar system or temp increase?

    OK, so run the solar 3 nights and NOT 3 days in a row. But then you may not like the temp of your pool! ;-)
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    Water loss from solar system or temp increase?

    Run the solar system at night. If it is leaking, you will see a loss. If it is temp related, you will see less loss than a typical night.