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    Moving from suction vac to robot experiences

    I do not use the fine filters. I find that the robot stirs up ultra-fine sediment into the water enough that my DE polishes off anything super fine, and then the robot has a little more suction power. In fact, if there were a coarser filter, I'd probably use that.
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    Moving from suction vac to robot experiences

    I've got the Dolphin DX6 which is a powerhouse. I can hold on to it, and it will drive around with me holding my breath underwater. It has been 100% reliable, and it's only limitation is it can't get up on my first step which is about 6" of water. It tries, but cant operate in that little water...
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    Looking for recs on new cleaner

    From sunplay's site Home / Blog / Pool / The Truth About Pool Cleaners: What Your Pool Store Isn’t Telling You March 19, 2015THE TRUTH ABOUT POOL CLEANERS: WHAT YOUR POOL STORE ISN’T TELLING YOU Fifteen years into the 2000s, the landscape has changed in the world of retail. Where...
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    Looking for recs on new cleaner

    My brother borrowed all his neighbors robots, and found that the 2 he tried Dolphins worked the best for him. What I like about the Dolphins is the modular construction. Nothing lasts forever, and so if something breaks, I like that I could quickly get a replacement part, San 10 min and a...
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    Pool Cleaner Suggestions

    My Dolphin is 2 years old, and I don't see deterioration, or really anything except scratches from when my pool had a lot of calcium deposits.
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    where do you store your robot?

    My DX6 stays in the pool 24/7/365.
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    Extension cord for Dolphin???

    Since the power cord is already a relatively thin gauge and the Dolphins don't use much power, I would see no issue with using a decent extension cord, as long as you have a nice place for the power supply. The only normal concern is water around electricity, and take normal precautions for that.
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    THE paste stuck in filter basket

    Ah. Too bad. How about the dishwasher?
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    THE paste stuck in filter basket

    Can you put the filter into your washing machine?
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    Recommend a robotic cleaner for <$1,000

    My brother borrowed all his neighbors robots, to compare. His conclusion was that bot Dolphins he tried cleaned better and easier to clean. So he got a dolphin, and I went with his recommendation. I only wish I would have waited till the S300i! so if anyone wants a perfectly good but used DX6...
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    Pressure Cleaner Died, replace or switch to a robot?

    I run my robot auto every day. It stays in the pool. Has been working great for a year and a half now. Only trouble was googles left in the bottom got eaten, as well as a pool diving missile got fouled in a track. But I pulled them out and nothing broken. I can now run my pump longer at a much...
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    Dolphin DX5 Filter Light

    I recently had a DE leak and this was causing this. It is relatively sensitive to clogging. What I've done is gotten a second filter. When I do my weekly cleaning, I swap the dirty with a clean one and freshly washed filters seem to work well. But if you have a DE leak, you may want to fix...