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  1. Leebo

    I think my pool guy mistakenly added DE to the cartridge filter

    Are you sure it wasn’t Calcium or maybe Trichlor?
  2. Leebo

    Ignoring Pool When it's Closed

    🙋🏼‍♂️ Soon as the covers on I all but forget about it. If I’m looking for something to do on a mild Jan afternoon I may go out and add some bleach, but most the time I opt for a nap instead.
  3. Leebo

    Recommendations for cover weight

    Have you looked at maybe using a leaf net? This way leaves will be reduced but water and so forth will still go through.
  4. Leebo

    Should there be water inside skimmer during winter freeze?

    If you’re out there bored one day, go for it. If you forget......don’t worry about it. Sounds like things were closed well and I’d suspect you’ll be fine.
  5. Leebo

    Should there be water inside skimmer during winter freeze?

    It’s normal to have water find it’s way. The bottles (or pool noodles which are also used at times) are there to allow the water room to freeze and expand without crushing the skimmer itself.
  6. Leebo

    Finding liquid chlorine in St. Louis, Mo I’m thinking this link above is the page he’s got in mind. Good find!!
  7. Leebo

    Opening pool, CYA unexpectedly low? Do reagents go bad over winter?

    I almost never keep any CYA in the water over the winter. It’s no worries, just slowly raise it and you’ll be fine. Just make sure to allow the water to warm up a bit right now when testing as the CYA test does slightly vary depending on the water temp.
  8. Leebo

    No liquid chlorine best alternative Here’s an article that may help you out some. Give stores like Rural King or pressure washing stores a call as often they’ll stock chlorine. If you absolutely positively 100% cannot find liquid chlorine then I’d look to...
  9. Leebo

    Opening Pool and COVID-19

    The main issue with running the SWG is often they’re not powerful enough to deliver that high of chlorine level. If however you start with a high dose and use the SWG to help maintain you’ll be fine. As Marty said, it all starts with test results to see what your options are. You may also find...
  10. Leebo

    Trouble getting bleach

    Users are clearly having issues this year finding Liquid Chlorine. While still VERY early, we’ve started to create a new resource for users.
  11. Leebo

    Water frozen and above skimmer line...trouble ?

    The Gizzmo and noodles are both there to give the ice something to press against. Hold off and enjoy your Holidays.
  12. Leebo

    Water frozen and above skimmer line...trouble ?

    Go back inside and enjoy a good movie. Attempting to break the ice is far more risky than just leaving things be at this point. You've taken the correct steps to protect the skimmer by using a Gizmo, adding antifreeze, and the noodle. If your weather is anything like ours next week it's...
  13. Leebo

    Closing without Polyquat....should I be okay?

    You’re just fine! Have a cup of coffee and enjoy the frost that hit Ohio today. As long as the area doesn’t have a weird hot winter (that would be bliss) your pool will stay cold and clear at opening.
  14. Leebo

    PH high when closing

    Scaling can occur even on vinyl pools. A lower pH would be ideal when closing BUT seeing you’ve already drained the pool, I personally wouldn’t worry about lowering it.
  15. Leebo

    PH high when closing

    What is your CH level?
  16. Leebo

    Preparing Pool for Cooler Months

    One thing I’d always suggest to pool owners who keep the pool open year round but still may see a good freeze now and then........ Take a few minutes now when the temps are still nice and warm to learn how to shut down everything and drain your system. You don’t really need to do everything...
  17. Leebo

    Is it ok to add CH increaser if the DE grids are no longer in the filter?

    Error on my part. I meant to type CSI but not CH
  18. Leebo

    Is it ok to add CH increaser if the DE grids are no longer in the filter?

    Concerning the foaming, what type of algaecide are you using? Adjusting your CSI (edited to correct) for lower water temps before winter is a good idea as you aim to extend the life of your plaster. Your calcium level is rather low and needs to be increased as you had planned. I’d even check...
  19. Leebo

    Closing question, is slamming always needed?

    Taking the FC up will kill off anything that “may” be lingering. It’ll also leave you with a higher than normal chlorine level, which is a good thing seeing you likely won’t be adding any over the winter. Almost everything you do while closing is insurance. You add polyquat, in case you run out...
  20. Leebo

    Looking for a water bag alternative

    Don’t fill them 100% full of water and it’ll allow room for the water to expand as it freezes.
  21. Leebo

    Looking for a water bag alternative

    Towards the end of the season I too start to save my chlorine bottles to hold down the cover. Fill them about 75% of the way with water and it’ll have some extra room to expand when frozen. If they fall into the pool.....they float. Best off......ALOT cheaper than water bags.
  22. Leebo

    CSI during shoulder seasons - alter chemistry to avoid corrosion?

    pH is actually one of the largest “players” in CSI which is nice as it’s one that the pool owner often is able to manipulate the most. Some find maintaining a higher pH is actually a good thing. The amount of time it takes a pH of 7.4 to increase to 7.6 is faster than the amount of time it takes...
  23. Leebo

    CSI during shoulder seasons - alter chemistry to avoid corrosion?

    Rather than adding calcium I'd let your pH go up instead as that's easier to adjust up and down as the water warms up or cools off.
  24. Leebo

    First closing/opening - a little confused about the chemistry

    Got some numbers mixed @JoyfulNoise About 25,000 gallons of water would cost us around $1,000. It’s about $250 for around 5,500 gallons
  25. Leebo

    Want to replace 100% of my water

    Have you ever attempted to harvest much rainwater in the past? Directing downspouts and avoiding backflushing at all costs have really assisted us greatly. We’ve got two 250 gallon tanks that well store rainwater in every year that we use for topping off during the hot summer months. Reason I...
  26. Leebo

    Want to replace 100% of my water

    Tossing out another idea, and simply tossing to put all the options on the table. Have you thought about just waiting until you replace the liner before stressing about the metal in the water? I agree it’s a royal pain to deal with the metal (we’ve got very high iron in ours and truck it in...
  27. Leebo

    At What Temperature Should I Open Pool/Michigan

    I’d go ahead and call now to schedule your opening. If your area is like ours the schedules will fill up quickly. You’ll need to kinda watch the temps some to make sure there’s no extended periods of freezing but looking at the time of year it’s a risk I personally would take.
  28. Leebo

    Want to replace 100% of my water

    Using a water transport service you’ll likely not be able to keep up as they’ll fire up their pumps and let the water rush. With ours they can empty 5500 gallons of water into the pool in minutes. My gut says the best option is likely to drain as low as you can and dilute with water that’s been...
  29. Leebo

    What brand of polyquat would you recommend?

    Looks good to me.....not a bad price either.
  30. Leebo

    Are gizmos single use?

    As long as there’s no holes in it they’re good. If there’s a hole in it water can get inside and freeze thus increasing the risk of skimmer damage.