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  1. Leebo

    Single speed pump vs. Variable speed pump Check from time to time as things change frequently. So often it has nothing to do with the price of your services but if the company has applied for the grants and so forth. There's a strong push to incentivize users to upgrade to more energy efficient...
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    Single speed pump vs. Variable speed pump

    If you happen to have AEP Ohio they do offer rebates from time to time. I don't think they received approval for many items this year, but you can find info here.................
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    T.A. in salt water???

    How do you chlorinate your pool? Is it always a SWG?? Also, what surface is your pool?
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    Does anyone have experience fresh water ionised pool system?

    I’m thinking the thread has left its original route and is very close to being closed. @Repe i hope you gather the forum tends to have very large concerns for copper products and tend to suggest users stay away. Sure they may deal with algae, albeit very slow, but they also tend to bring great...
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    Debating the turnover is a myth belief

    That’s the exact quote from Pool School, opening paragraph. I’m not sure there’s anybody in this thread who’s saying filtration isn’t needed. Same time, that’s not the “turnover myth.” The term “turnover” was an over generalization that said you MUST run the pump enough to filter all the water...
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    So this ad pops up in my FB feed

    In all fairness, ionizers do kill algae. Granted not as fast as chlorine, but they do kill algae. Now they also tend to stain pools and turn your hair green........but they do kill algae. ?
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    Saving Pool Math

    If I may ask at first, this is on the desktop version of PoolMath NOT the App correct?
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    Closing Article Concerns

    If I may ask in order to help TFP improve, can you please expand on this claim? I’d love to learn more about your concerns. Lee
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    Enviroswim vs Hydroxypure (perox) vs ozone SWIM?

    I think you'll find all good bit of resistance to your claim that the industry is quickly moving away from chlorine. The only area of the industry I've seen moving from chlorine is at the Rio Diving pool. Time and time again a well maintained chlorine pool is cheaper and easier on the skin than...
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    Phosphate Levels Matter

    This thread clearly is going nowhere and serves zero positive on TFP. It is now closed for discussion. Lee
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    Home page and pool school organization confusing? Lacking?

    Gregsfc, I thank you greatly for you input. Rather than making a comment on this just yet I'd like to re-read it a few times and let everything soak in. I'm out of town for the next few days due to an unexpected family event but once I return I will read it again and comment back. I thank you...
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    EWKearns - phosphates

    The question here though is why are you finding yourself in a position that you need to SLAM despite never allowing your chlorine level drop below the FC/CYA levels??
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    EWKearns - phosphates

    Threads like these almost always get sidetracked on TFP due to the debate that TFP doesn't promote these products and that we quickly shut down any threads pertaining to them. Once again this thread is VERY close to going down that road. That said, I'd like to ask this question to all. What...
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    EWKearns - phosphates

    ewkearns, I've read posts that some members have had issues with cloudy water after adding Phosphate removers that cleared up in a day or two. Have you ever experienced this???? If not, how did you add the remover??
  15. Leebo

    EWKearns - phosphates

    I'd like to bring this thread back to this point as we risk sidetracking a very good discussion. If we can keep all discussions pertaining to phosphates then this thread will continue on and benefit TFP Users. If we continue to debate how the forum is ran then this thread will be closed and...
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    Borate Calculation

    Re: Borate calculation We watch our teachings improve the quality of members pools year after year with our methods. If you wish to help further develop our methods I ask that you please feel free to PM or email me your suggestions.
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    Borate Calculation

    Clearly this thread has reached a point where some conclusion needs to be in sight. TFP was created to help provide members the knowledge to maintain their pools using a simple method of pool care, TFPC. If you have suggestions how we can improve this method I urge you to please PM myself and I...
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    SLAM doesnt work

    I would like to address a few of the items I've read in this post and try to bring this thread to an end point. It's clear we can go rounds all day long about what if's and the such, but in the end it's not productive unless we find an endpoint. Using the SLAM process proves year after year...
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    I would HIGHLY suggest staying away from any metal based product like PoolRX is. This will in short time add silver, copper, and zinc to the pool which will likely result in greenish hair and stains on your walls. The cons greatly outweigh the pro's with this product. Stick with using the...
  20. Leebo

    Using Sea Water to fill a swimming Pool in California?

    While we can argue all day about the cause of California's water issues, the topic has moved away from the OP's question of using Sea Water to fill a pool. If we can, let's move the conversation back towards his question. Thank you, Lee
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    How best to quickly distribute 12lbs of cyanuric acid POWDER in a self-cleaning pool?

    I myself think you're over thinking the entire thing. Your "professional CYA" is the exact same stuff as is the "normal CYA," only ground up. Neither will dissolve very well without the water being circulated. Your thinking of your pool being a "different type of pool" is holding you back...
  22. Leebo

    Sequestrant or not

    Again, don't get me wrong. If you were to post with the scenario that you have very high metal content and no other source of water, then ya a product to assist in sequestering metals is a good investment. The majority of people however don't fall into this case, and it occurs way to seldom for...
  23. Leebo

    Sequestrant or not

    Because you don't always need it, and often it doesn't work.
  24. Leebo

    Sequestrant or not

    In the majority of cases metals in your water comes only from well water. Seldom does municipal water sources contain enough metals to cause issues as they're heavily regulated and required by law to put out yearly test results to all users. As for suggesting to add a metal sequesterant, why...
  25. Leebo

    CYA in Spas and Indoor Pools

    Richard, I quickly read the report and saw that at that time only 2 states prohibit the use of CYA in public pools. Do you happen to know which two those are? I have also read a few articles from Kent Williams including the Cyanurics Benefactor or Bomb - PPOA and found this quote kinda...
  26. Leebo

    0 TA and PH and CHL levels but crystal clear pool

    Before you try adding anything, test your cya level. There's a good chance the levels are very very high.