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    Yes you can right now as classes commonly are offered via zoom. Note however so often the main reason one needs these is simply because their boss told them to, there’s not much meat to this meal……but there is a large price tag for their information.
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    Security Cameras

    Meanwhile there’s some dude named Brandon who’s VERY happy 😂
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    Security Cameras

    I’ve got a dirt cheap set of Eufy cameras tied into our HomeKit setup. Because we subscribe to iCloud and the Eufy camera's utilize HomeKit Secure Video clips will save automatically the clips. Additionally because they have motion detection we've got some programed to turn on lights...
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    -5.4 °F...

    Still in the 30’s here but we’re expecting several inches of snow and ice tomorrow. Enjoying the grill Tomorrow there’s already no school and we’re expecting a cancelation Tuesday too so we had to setup something to keep the kids busy. Took the AirMatt down into the basement and likely won’t...
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    Merry Christmas!

    I’d suspect the Apple/Orange a carry-over of when your mother was a kid. During the Great Depression families didn’t often have the cash for a ton of gifts. It was very common for families to put fruit in the stockings as it was a special treat, especially those on the East Coast. Items like...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Woke up yesterday to weather in the 50’s. Cooked on the grill and enjoyed the day outside. Went to Mass last night as we expected a winter storm to hit overnight, and it did. But not before we feed the deer before bed. Woke up this morning to roughly 7 inches of snow. Not a big deal as we’ve...
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    2020 Bingo

    Lights stay ON @YippeeSkippy for sure until after Ephiphany!! Then I rush to take them down before the poles freeze SOLID into the ground, normally in late Jan. and look at what this discussion did to me Maddie, went to the lights. 😂 They opened last night and we said forget it and went early...
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    2020 Bingo

    You’ve never hung lights in late November when its 20° outside. Talk about a horrid experience. 🤬 My gut says I’ll be hanging ours next week as the weather looks like it’ll be in the 60’s
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    2020 Bingo

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    Anyone had the 'rona?

    Let's remember to leave politics and such where they belong..........Facebook. :)
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    Anyone had the 'rona?

    Good grief do I hope this is something this country can learn in short time!!
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    Anyone had the 'rona?

    Tested negative, but I’m about 80% sure I’ve dealt with it. One morning several months ago I woke up with an odd feeling in my chest. Didn’t hurt, didn’t really do much to alter my day, but it was weird. You simply don’t feel yourself breathing, it’s simply not something that occurs. Thought...
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    Tell Us About Your Avatar!

    Ive never seen that message in my life 😂 As for my photo, it’s my three daughters in the pool. I meant to update the photo this year, but totally forgot.
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    It's back to school I work

    This is the main part I so greatly hope people everywhere will remember. None of us have EVER been in this position, none of us knows the right moves. Changes will be made, mistakes will be made, but everybody has the same goal....the kids. So happy for you! Amazing job!!
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    It's back to school I work

    I pray for all those returning to the classrooms right now and the parents making the decision what to do next. We’re at the point right now that it’s clear we have zero options that are “correct.” We got lucky here as there’s major construction going on at the schools that’s been occurring and...
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    Californians: schedule your pump to turn off at 3pm.

    Really listen to this. It’s getting very close to having a line crossed.
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    Cost to run spreadsheet

    Isn’t the Summary Section in PoolMath kinda what you’re looking for?
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    Because Covid-19 Wasn't Enough?!?

    I’m all for it! When the dust storms and wildfires hit the Southern Hemisphere early this year it did great for some content on TFP. It’s the number 1 reason why the “Most Ever Guests” was in January, sandstorms. Can I get so lucky and it repeat itself in the US 😂
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    Convincing the wife

    Everybody here is on your side. We all know in short time you’ll have the pool dialed in. Forget trying to convince her you’re right, instead change this quote above. To me it sounds like maybe she’s at home all day running things while you’re at work. Maybe she’s used to working and getting...
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    Admins please advise # 2

    The only time the software alters words of its a phrase I’ve inserted in. Words that are included are ALL bad words that we want censored. Other than that there is no autocorrect or spell checker as an option as almost every major browser these days has one built in or as a free option. It’s...
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    Admins please advise

    It does, assuming we have access to the content. We don’t have access to private conversations however unless “invited” or unless I peak at the database, which is a pain. If it’s a thread however, takes only seconds for Mods to review old content.
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    Admins please advise

    You just nailed why it’s disabled, but I’m open to having my arm twisted to turn it on. We have seen in the past heated discussions go into PM and such where it went even further downhill. That said, I also agree it’s childish and stupid that we’d have to do that.
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    Top Gun - movie remake trailer

    I remember as a kid my mother owned a store/restaurant in a very small farming town in the middle of Illinois. In the store she rented VHS players and movies. Every weekend a certain new release would come up missing and people would complain. I only got in trouble for sneaking it out after she...
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    Photo Gallery on the forum main page

    Unfortunately this was a HUGE mistake IMHO by the developers of this software. For whatever (stupid) reason they feel that even though photos can be shared with the forum and viewed on the forum, they’re not part of the forum, they’re in the gallery. Because of this data isn’t totally shared so...
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    Pool habits/routines - Swim, Eat, Repeat!

    At our pool the majority of my time is spent tearing apart the robot and removing all the hair that my girls leave in the pool. We normally have to add a gallon of 10% once every three days however now that the temps are up and the pool is seeing more bodies I suspect that’ll increase. Because...
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    Midwest fun

    Don’t tell, but this makes me feel better. This year too is one of the worst at TFP in the past 4-5 years in terms of growth. Our budget and such is fine but seeing we just migrated I always wonder if it’s the weather that’s causing the decline or the migration.
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    TFP T-Shirt

    Trouble Free Pool Store We offer these as a perk for TFP gold supporters however anybody can pick one up if they wish. We used to promote the shirts online more however never did sell enough to make it worthwhile to “promote” it much.
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    Flickr pulling a Photobucket

    A few years ago Photobucket blocked just about all photos hosted on its website and really caused a headache for several users on TFP. They’ve since kinda reversed this decision but still there’s some mess that’s been left behind. Today as I was scrolling some news I see that Flickr is also...
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    Happy Holiday

    Has anybody seen the floor??
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    Happy Holiday

    Happy Holidays to everybody!