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  1. Leebo

    Liner wrinkles during install...need expert verdict!

    I’d defiantly have a discussion with the installer about getting them to fix it, or at bare minimum offer some cash for the headaches. If it were I a trip to the local Dollar General would be in order to purchase a new plunger. These wrinkles do look like they can be worked out, it’s just a...
  2. Leebo

    Texas Dip Pool Build - DIY

    The power needed doesn’t come into play here, but how heat pumps work. Below around 50° to 60° they just shut off, regardless what you toss at them. Because there’s not really enough “heat” in the air to pull out the unit themselves shuts down. That said, depending on location heat pumps are a...
  3. Leebo

    The big little dig

    I'm in LOVE with that wood deck!
  4. Leebo

    Looking for a builder in NE Ohio

    In all honesty those two are the only ones I know of in the area. I'm sure there's others.....but I've only heard of those two. I'd be shocked however if they don't have more knowledge than I do on contractors in the area.
  5. Leebo

    Looking for a builder in NE Ohio

    First and Foremost, WELCOME TO TFP!!!! It’s been forever since we worked with them, but Summer Fun in Lisbon is one option I’d suspect does work in your area. Another option I’ve never worked with but maybe worth a phone call to is Hebners Pools and Spas in Carrollton Ohio.
  6. Leebo

    Is there a “best” time of year to resurface plaster

    Actually, just before winter is the worst time to resurface your plaster. After your pool is redone the pH will increase and If your pool is covered you won’t be able to keep up with the pH increase. Because of this there’s a huge chance your CSI will go out of balance and calcium scale will...
  7. Leebo

    PB used Stonescape when contract was for Pebblesheen

    Before anything I would open up an honest discussion with the builder. While all of us here at TFP can give advice, the builder can fix the problem. Nobody else can. You’ve got options and it’s likely gonna be some back and forth so figure out what you want and work towards that. A redo is an...
  8. Leebo

    Plaster failure

    Well that's not very helpful to the user who's having an issue here???? Can you further explain to help the user?
  9. Leebo

    Plaster failure

    I’m thinking he slipped up........ Calcium Nodules – Pool Help Here’s the rest of the article
  10. Leebo

    Awkward backyard build

    We’ve got the software automatically setup to reduce the file size as did Tapatalk. As long as the files aren’t above 5MB(non HDR) they’ll be optimized and resized. Both of your photos above have been reduced in size to roughly 400KB.
  11. Leebo

    New Construction: Cathedral City CA

    I’m assuming the discount you’re speaking of is from your Silver Donation.......if not let me know. I looked and found the email that was sent last June to the email address on file from PayPal. I went ahead and resent it to you as it’s got all the information needed for your discounts. If...
  12. Leebo

    Newbie Intro and Possible build-Cincinnati Ohio

    Todd, for starters, welcome to TFP! Just a FYI if you have American Electric Power you may wanna look online as they now offer $350 rebate on some pool pumps. Just saw this last night and I think it’s new this year....Key word is “think.” Again, that’s assuming you have AEP. This feedback is...
  13. Leebo

    Interior Finish issues and Pool Builder

    TFP is here to assist you in anyway we can. That said, this sort of issue isn’t one where we can assist in good faith. Like it or not to get this issue sorted correctly you’ll need assistance from the builder in some way. Only after doing all you can with the builder would I worry about legal...
  14. Leebo

    Foam under IG vinyl liner? Yay or nay?

    I cannot really speak for the dogs as we don’t have any. The foam is just fine though being held up by duct tape. Once filled there will be so much weight being pressed on it by the water it won’t have anywhere to go. Additionally the deep end is fine slightly damp as in time it will dry with...
  15. Leebo

    Northeast Ohio (Canton) - Looking for "On Ground" pool for our sloping yard

    Re: Northeast Ohio (Canton) - Looking for "On Ground" pool for our sloping yard Another installer in the area is Summer Fun Pools in Lisbon. Worth a phone call at least to see what they offer.
  16. Leebo

    TFP test kit

    I think this thread has came to a conclusion at this point. philboyj is welcome to maintain their pool however they wish and we at TFP will give them the best advice we can with the information we are given. None of our members are required to purchase anything before we provide advice but it is...
  17. Leebo

    Vinyl Liner Pattern Roundup Project - Post Pic & Name Of Your Liner

    We wanted the lighter look so we opted for the Santa Barbara from GLI.
  18. Leebo

    Tons of footprints in new pool

    I'd like to first off welcome you to TFP! Looking back at all the inground vinyl pools I cannot picture a single pool that didn't look like the moon when the lights were turned on. What you are describing is very common. It won't however harm anything besides the looks of the pool.
  19. Leebo

    Not as exciting as pool build or remodel, but...

    I love that fence! Looks amazing!!!!! Can't wait to see photos.
  20. Leebo

    Waxahachie, TX Owner Build - A race to beat the baby!

    Chlorine Price Per Ounce Calculator Above is a calculator that lets you enter in the data to give you a breakdown of just what you're paying. This was created by a member some time ago but is still one of the best I've found. Also, with WalMart being so close you may also want to check back...
  21. Leebo

    Waxahachie, TX Owner Build - A race to beat the baby!

    I love the fact you didn't "find out" boy or girl until delivery! My wife and I did that with our first two, however for our most recent one we found out early. This was mostly due to a handful of health scares my wife made it where we almost had to find out early regardless if we wanted to or...
  22. Leebo

    Planning for a new vinyl liner...

    Without knowing the exact measurements of your pool I find it difficult to see how the installer came up with the $3,400 price quote. There are multiple different items that can quickly add up, so take his "quote" with a grain of salt. It's also something to suggest that the price may vary...
  23. Leebo

    Tankless Electric Pool Heater for In Ground Pool

    Hotspot FPH AC heat reclamation pool heater - a review!! There's the thread I believe Matt was referring to. I could see where it could work of conditions were perfect, but its still somewhat of an unknown to us at this point.
  24. Leebo

    Tankless Electric Pool Heater for In Ground Pool

    I'd too vote to look at solar, but if your still concerned I'd take another look at a heat pump. In our case just east of you we had too much shade to make solar an option (pools in the middle of heavy woods). We went a heat pump and was able to maintain a temp of about 86° all of August and...
  25. Leebo

    Tankless Electric Pool Heater for In Ground Pool

    Hello, and welcome to TFP!!! What are your main expectations of heating the pool? Do you wish to heat it up to 85ish most of the year, extend your season by keeping the temps in the 80's from Early May-late Sept, or both?? Do you currently use a solar cover???
  26. Leebo

    NEW > SoCal Vanishing Edge

    welcome to TFP! You've surely caught my eye! Can't wait to see more.
  27. Leebo

    Acid dispenser

    AprilH, I'd like to start off by welcoming you to the forum. I really hope that you are able to find the answers that you are looking for. I'd like to request that we sit back for a second and review this thread, which is on it's way south. Few of the last 5 or 6 posts have fully addressed...
  28. Leebo

    Directions on submitting pictures of Pool Build

    See this thread for full directions on posting photos on TFP using Photobucket. Another option is to upgrade to TFP supporter. This increases your attachment space from 256kb up to 10megs. Enough to load around 150 photos to the forum.