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  1. Leebo

    TFP "Water Balance for SWGs" discrepancies

    I’m gonna comment on some form examples as it appears there’s multiple questions here. I can’t respond to what’s going on with PoolMath without numbers and such to recreate. As for the SWG article, in all honesty…..I personally hate that article. 😃 I’ll peak at it tonight and make sure numbers...
  2. Leebo

    Baqua Pool; I purchased SWG now what? Same stuff, but in honesty you’ll likely never need it as bleach/SWG pools tend to see their pH increase slowly on their own.
  3. Leebo

    Baqua Pool; I purchased SWG now what?

    You can still use that. It’s all the same stuff,
  4. Leebo

    Baqua Pool; I purchased SWG now what?

    So, I see your vote is to convert. 😁 I like your style, just go for it. Did you see any changes in color? What test kit are you using??
  5. Leebo

    Baqua Pool; I purchased SWG now what?

    You’re in a bad place in my eyes.......but we can help you minimize headaches and explain all your options. In the end you won’t be able to just “install the SWG and go” as when Baqua and chlorine mix they make really cool colors that nobody wants to swim in. You’ve kinda got three options, 1...
  6. Leebo

    Baqua Pool; I purchased SWG now what?

    First and foremost..............WELCOME TO TFP! If I may ask a question, do you plan on closing the pool this winter? If so, when??
  7. Leebo

    Hopefully just stocked up on Chlorine for the last time today! RJ 20 Plus guidance requested

    To add on to the comment the App will assist simply select your SWG during setup and use it just like you would other chemicals. No bouncing around and doing math
  8. Leebo

    55lbs or 552lbs? Switching to salt

    Check how many gallons of water your pool is......I suspect you forgot a zero. ;)
  9. Leebo

    Minding my CSI, but still scaling in SWG

    Please note that I don’t have much experience with hard water plus I manually add chlorine, so I maybe off on parts of this comment. You may wanna read up more on the topic of borates as they may help you out somewhat. Inside of your cell the chemistry does get altered a fair bit. Commonly your...
  10. Leebo

    Minding my CSI, but still scaling in SWG

    By any chance do you use Borates in your pool?
  11. Leebo


    We have suggested a higher calcium level for SWG pools with plaster as we work to also reduce the amount of acid you use. If you push your TA down towards 50 you’ll find your pH increase will slow greatly. If however you would leave your calcium around 250 then you’d start to run the risk of...
  12. Leebo

    Is CYA Absolutely Necessary???

    As it's clear the OP is wanting to learn, I'll also toss in this part........................... Keep in mind that with zero CYA maintaining a very low pH is also vital. While pH doesn't play a huge part in the strength of FC when there's CYA in the water it does play a large part when CYA is...
  13. Leebo

    Typical, average FC demand during summer months?

    Ok, let’s bring the thread back on track please. I suspect that high of a FC loss would point to something going on that you can’t see. How long have you been seeing a 4-5ppm drop each day? Can you post a complete set of test results for us to view?
  14. Leebo

    SWG and phosphates

    As I mentioned above, there’s so much going on in the article above it’s obsurd. It’s almost a scare article...... Phosphate scale can happen. The kicker is however, it happens so rarely it’s not worth stressing about. A user must have VERY high levels of calcium and phosphate before it could...
  15. Leebo

    SWG and phosphates

    The subject of phosphates in general and the Op's question of Phosphates with a SWG are two separate subjects. PoolFL, I encourage you to start your own thread on the subject as I suspect some additional information surrounds your issue. Phosphates causing scale on the cell of a SWG is...
  16. Leebo

    SWG and phosphates

    High levels of iron in a municipal water source?? That’s something I don’t see a lot of. I also find it so rare there’s not a single test result spoke of in the entire article. So rare from Aqua Magazine. While phosphate scaling can be a real thing in SWG’s it’s not nearly as large of an issue...
  17. Leebo

    In-laws SWG Frustration!

    Attempting to create your own vials reminds me a lot of the old pool service trick of dropping a drop or two of reagent directly into the pool and viewing the colors. In theory it works great but there are so many variables involved that you’re likely missing that it’s not really a good...
  18. Leebo


    If it were me I’d take a step back as it sounds like something is off here. A few quick questions, 1. What test kit are you using? 2. Can you post a photo of your pool? 3. Can you post a complete set of test results?
  19. Leebo

    Any advice on best SWG for hot tub ?

    Let’s try to slide this thread back on’s heading towards HiJack Avenue. ;)
  20. Leebo

    New Pool Owner Moving To Salt

    If this is 100% fresh fill and all the debris was removed there's a good chance there's not a need to slam. Let's see the water after you're up and running. Good chance you'll be swimming right away.
  21. Leebo

    New Pool Owner Moving To Salt

    You know your CYA is zero as fill water never has this added. Add enough stabilizer to get to about 30ppm after you fill using PoolMath. Also add enough Chlorine using PoolMath to get to about 5ppm. You can assume here also your FC is zero. While it's possible to have levels of chlorine in your...
  22. Leebo

    New Pool Owner Moving To Salt

    Test strips stink. Period. Even for the "quick test" they stink. Once you get your TF100 you'll get a tool that's suited perfectly for these "quick tests." The K1000 will take you about a minute to test your pH and FC levels which is all many of us test daily. You'll fall in love with this part...
  23. Leebo

    New Pool Owner Moving To Salt

    At 15' around and 4' deep you're right around 5k gallons of water. You've got a choice to make, and it's a good choice to have. On one hand you could simply maintain the water knowing that a drain/refill is always an option if you get dirty water. If it turns green, dump it and refill. You can...
  24. Leebo

    New Pool Owner Moving To Salt

    First and foremost.........we missed something very important! WELCOME TO TFP! May I this pool 4' deep??
  25. Leebo

    No Available Chlorine

    Can you please post a photo of your water. This will also help us determine if this is staining or if you still need to SLAM.
  26. Leebo

    No Available Chlorine

    I too wouldn't add anything to "help" the FC drop. Very strong odds say your pH level is just fine and you will be able to continue right along with your SLAM. The issue here is that we don't have even a "guess" as what your pH level is after adding a good bit of acid to help lower the pH...
  27. Leebo

    Chlorine Poisoned and pregnant, how bad is this?

    Congrats on the new addition! So glad All is well!!!! Couldn't help myself. :)
  28. Leebo

    FC down to 1.5 while away

    Bump your FC up to 8 and go swimming. IF you're worried, an OCLT will tell if anything is growing. Sounds like you're all good however. :)
  29. Leebo

    FC down to 1.5 while away

    What does the water look like?
  30. Leebo

    Going on vacation-- how to prepare

    Leaving for that long will make it VERY difficult to keep the pool clear without somebody checking up on it. Do all you can to try to keep the FC elevated, however don't be surprised if you need to SLAM upon returning. As an added precaution I'd think about adding a dose of Polyquat 60 algicide...