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  1. Leebo

    PoolMath lost my setup and data??

    Sounds like you’re using the old/retired web version and not the updated App… this correct?
  2. Leebo

    TP-100 vs K-2006 Kit

    Just replied to your email. We’ll help you out 👍
  3. Leebo

    Best way to raise CSI?

    Close was developed for boilers. 👍
  4. Leebo

    TFP Web Pool Calculator Vs App Calculator

    Honest answer.......yes. Plaster damage like this takes some time. Keep things around -0.3 and 0 and you’ll be just fine.
  5. Leebo

    TFP Web Pool Calculator Vs App Calculator

    One item to toss out there for you @Roadkill On the webpage version of PoolMath, can you hit F5 to update your page. I suspect you’re viewing a very old code that has been updated. As Marty mentioned the math is the same for both currently. Only item that may slightly change is rounding...
  6. Leebo

    Recommended levels

    First and foremost......WELCOME TO TFP!!! Yo help explain the TA levels, take a look at this short video......
  7. Leebo

    Why is the industry standard TA 80-120ppm?

    It’ll likely be some time before you see these changed I suspect. The reasoning is because a high TA actually serves a Purpose, to prevent crashing the pH when pucks or Trichlor are used. Seeing how these forms of chlorine are so common, I suspect high TA will stick around for some time.
  8. Leebo

    CSI winter ?

    With the cold water temps you are toying with damaging your surface. This may take years to do, but you’re reducing the lifespan of your plaster and increasing the odds you’ll etch your plaster. The App is simply giving you a heads up that you may wanna take action. During the winter it’s...
  9. Leebo

    If Calcite Saturation Index in correct range, does PH matter so much?

    You will ALWAYS have salt in the water if you’re using chlorine of any type. Because of this fact we’ve set a default salt level at a “best guess” level of 1,000ppm. You can override this level and insert a zero level for salt, but it likely won’t be as accurate.
  10. Leebo

    How important is CSI?

    How important is CSI? It’s anywhere from a worthless number to a vital piece of info for your of those two. 😀 CSI as a number can be set aside for many pool owners. Users can often skip paying attention to this number as long as they can easily maintain TFP’s on a daily basis...
  11. Leebo

    TA reading considering CYA levels

    Here’s some additional info on this topic,
  12. Leebo

    Borates & Vinyl liner

    Before jumping into borates I’d try running the pool for a month or two without, just to get an idea of how your pH will sway. With the setup you describe it is possible you’ll see your pH increase, in which borates for sure will help. Especially if you have a SWG.
  13. Leebo

    Borates & Vinyl liner

    If I may ask, what’s your goal for adding borates? You for sure can add them, but let’s make sure there’s a need. 👍
  14. Leebo

    Test levels - beginner

    When you’re entering your data, are you saving the results by checking the “check mark” on the upper right hand corner? The assumed “path” for users is to, Click New Log Click Log Test Results Enter their test results as they test (or directly after they’ve tested) Click the check mark in the...
  15. Leebo

    Stabilizer not lasting.

    How may I ask are you testing?
  16. Leebo

    Problems with TFTest 🤫 🤫 🤫 🤫
  17. Leebo

    Advice on Testing for the Colorblind

    This video is from the TF-100 Give it a watch to see the color changes. All you’re really gonna see is a close-up of the test itself, so hopefully that’ll give you a good idea how it’ll work for you.
  18. Leebo

    Advice on Testing for the Colorblind

    first and foremost, WELCOME TO TFP! Now, if I may ask a question @Gunner02 , Which videos did you watch online? Did you watch the ones from TfTestkit?
  19. Leebo

    Help balancing pool chemistry post-replastering

    Do NOT add 50 pounds of Cal-Hypo! Note that will also increase your chlorine level to around 100ppm. Take a look at this article as well,
  20. Leebo

    Extreme Phosphate Milk Filled Pool

    I suspect that the cloudy water was caused by the phosphate remover reacting to the phosphates and will get filtered out in a few more days. This is a negative of phosphate removers of almost any kind and should have been openly disclosed to you by the pool store. In the future you can easily...
  21. Leebo

    Extreme Phosphate Milk Filled Pool

    Let’s start at the basics, can you post a current set of results from your personal test kit?
  22. Leebo

    It's Fall and Liquid Chlorine Not Available :(

    What is the calcium level of your fill water? What’s the current CH level in your pool??
  23. Leebo

    Lamotte v. Taylor.

    I see you’re currently “In the Industry.” Is this a public or private pool?
  24. Leebo

    Lamotte v. Taylor.

    What you are shown here is totally accurate, but misleading at the same time. pH does in fact play a major part in the amount of active HOCL............when there's NO CYA in the water. Add CYA and you're golden. Take a quick look first at the following video and then take a read in some...
  25. Leebo

    Left TF-100 test kit in the sun

    Odds on favor say the refill you get this year will last you all next year as well, depending on how frequently you test. Take a look at the article below which will help you understand when reagents went bad.
  26. Leebo

    Is pH missing in the FC/CYA chart?

    I think he’s wondering if the pH level plays a part in what level FC the user should be at? Like if pH plays a part in how strong chlorine is?? If that’s your question @TexasBR the answer is kinda. This video should explain more.
  27. Leebo

    Add calcium?

    I’ve gotta say @HooStat, great job tracking your tests/additions. It really helps us picture what’s going on with your pool. 👍
  28. Leebo

    CSI pool math vs Taylor watergram

    When you used the Watergram, did you adjust the TA levels? This post describes in more detail, The math for both the App and legacy webpage should be the same, as long as all the fields are filled the...
  29. Leebo

    Calcium levels

    As likely mentioned in this thread one of the main reasons we suggest you bump the CH level up some is to help with CSI as your water gets cooler. You’ll have a fair amount more “wiggle room” over the Winter if your CH is 350’ish verses 250. Now keep in mind both of you likely keep the pool open...
  30. Leebo

    New CYA level guidelines?

    In the industry there have been some rumbling about it maybe best for users to maintain a lower CYA level. I’ve seen it in a few online magazines, and their logic is getting better, but still misses the mark. More and more the industry is seeing the truth behind the FC/CYA ratio. At the same...