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  1. Leebo

    App Issue

    We’re sorry for the headache, Can you try to logout of the App and log back in using the same account? It should force the App to find the updated info and fix the subscription.
  2. Leebo

    Pool math app problems?

    Great, we’ve never had a large Azure/Microsoft outage so I wasn’t 100% sure the best route 😂
  3. Leebo

    Pool math app problems?

    Can you try to pull down to refresh your page? I’ve shadowed your account on my end and see data going back some time.
  4. Leebo

    Pool math app problems?

  5. Leebo

    WTH cant sign into poolmath app
  6. Leebo

    Pool math app problems?

    We’re looking into an issue now. We suspect the data enter that hosts the App is having an issue, but don’t know what’s up for sure just yet. There’s hit and miss data coming into the servers but something odd is occurring. Let’s call it TFP’s April Fools Joke 😂
  7. Leebo

    Issues with Pool math...

    Looking into it now
  8. Leebo

    Pool math app problems?

    Looking into it now 👍
  9. Leebo

    Pool Math Windows application lost my subscription

    Can you email me at [email protected]? Some of the assistance will be sharing some info I doubt you’ll want to post in public. 👍
  10. Leebo

    Pool Math Windows application lost my subscription

    Can you try to logout and log back into the App on the computer?
  11. Leebo

    Pool math app

    If I may ask, is there a reason you’re keeping your CYA level so low? As you increase your CYA level it will update your FC target to maintain the FC/CYA ratio.
  12. Leebo

    Cannot reconfigure pool calc

    Can you post a screenshot of this?
  13. Leebo

    No Bromine in app

    We’ve had Bromine for hot tubs on a “to-do” for some time now but have a long list of items we’d like to knock-out first. I’m planning on talking to the developer more tomorrow concerning plans for this years update so we’ll see if it can be done easily or not. 👍
  14. Leebo

    Pool Math App in IOS

    As a very small tease, we’re slowly working to make things more user friendly. It’s a very slow process this year, but we’re looking to help users avoid this same error……
  15. Leebo

    Post privacy

    Can’t really say it better. Even if I tell Google or other bots not to index something, they’re still able to.
  16. Leebo

    PoolMath bug iOS + feature request

    Try this as you’re slightly adding chlorine opposite of the expected behavior.......even though it’s also how I add. 😂 Go into the FC Tile and insert into the “Bleach Chlorine %” field that you’re using 14% and hit done. That field should be saved and update through the the App.
  17. Leebo

    Pool Math Premium issue

    Rick, I see from your ticket the link Marty shared above fixed the issue. Let me know if you have future issues in that ticket. 👍
  18. Leebo

    Poolmath logs missing after new download of app

    Can you email me at [email protected]? I’d like to ask a few questions and get some email address from you. I’d avoid posting them here as they’re in the public and can be viewed by all.
  19. Leebo

    Trouble Free Pool App

    Click on the little check mark in the upper right hand corner once you’ve selected the items you wish to track. This will complete your setup and take you to the page you’re looking for.
  20. Leebo

    I need your help!

    Just as a hint at how we’re in need, so far I’ve used two of the photos in a glossary, one in a Wiki article, one in an upcoming email, and I’ve got plans for another 3......just gotta get the time to utilize them. ☺️ Keep them coming!!
  21. Leebo

    I need your help!

    I'm honestly looking for just about anything. I'll peak at your list @jseyfert3 as you've given permission in the past. I'm not really wanting to use photos without permission thus the reasons I'm kinda asking here. So what am I looking for, lets look at this page. In Pool School we've got...
  22. Leebo

    I need your help!

    You just did, I’ll take a peak now. 👍
  23. Leebo

    I need your help!

    I’m gonna bump this up once again as again this year we’re looking at tinkering with some things over the Winter. We at TFP would like to ask users to again share some of their photos with us in hopes we can use them around the website. Regardless if it’s a photo of your pool, a closeup of a...
  24. Leebo

    Pool Math App - Subscription Expired - Problem with Renewing

    And clearly that’s NOT how it’s supposed to work. We do hope to tackle this issue over the winter somewhat.
  25. Leebo

    Pool Math App - Subscription Expired - Problem with Renewing We’re sorry for the headache! Hopefully the steps in the article above will get you back on track. If you’re still having issues drop me a PM or email and I’ll get you taken care of! Lee
  26. Leebo

    Ability to Export Pool Math data?

    @Stoopalini I’m gonna send you a PM, I’ve got a few questions as your message caught my eye
  27. Leebo

    Ability to Export Pool Math data?

    This sounds like work, you know I don’t like to do that! 😂 When it comes to suggestions for the App the one thing to note is I never look at something as wrong. I totally grasp the idea @Holydoc that you may wanna geek out at the data. That’s not right, that’s not wrong, that’s what you want...
  28. Leebo

    Ability to Export Pool Math data?

    I’ve had a note for exporting chemicals and such on a list of things to keep in mind and we’ll bring it up again this Winter. One of the largest holdups we’ve ran into however is that each time we’ve been able to simply build the feature into the App thus removing the need we feel to Export. I...