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  1. Leebo

    A sad day at our house-bye bye pool :(

    That would be a snap to setup. The hard part would be getting her to carry her cell phone along the way.😂😂😉
  2. Leebo

    Winter Mesh Cover. Is this normal?

    How much water did you drain before closing? It’s normal to take a few for it to drain through but the water level looks like it maybe a bit low thus the water in the pool isn’t holding the covers weight up.
  3. Leebo

    What to do for pin hole in Intex Easy Set pool

    Please also make sure you drop some sort of yell to Intex in the mean time letting them know of the issue. A brand new pool shouldn’t be doing this.
  4. Leebo

    Step by step instructions to hard plumb? Years ago we had this excellent thread but unfortunately time has taken its toll on the quality of this thread. Photos missing and so forth really has altered the experience, but hopefully...
  5. Leebo

    TGE Ventura 24' or something else?

    First and foremost, WELCOME TO TFP! Sorry for a delay in getting you answers but hopefully somebody will chime in shortly with some feedback.
  6. Leebo

    Hey @leebo

    We've got very high iron in our fill water so each year we'll need to call Water Transport to truck water in if we have to top off from the winter. At $250'ish for 2,600 gallons or so, that gets' costly. Instead we'll normally pump every bit of melted snow/ice from the cover into the pool plus...
  7. Leebo

    Ugh. Winter cover is in the pool

    Almost every year our cover does about the same in one corner or another. Personally, just let it melt and prepare to vacuum the heck out it. Like Patrick said, better it fell in as opposed to collapsing the walls. Also glad you posted a picture. I’m right across the river from you and was...
  8. Leebo

    How soon can I test after adding CYA?

    I would go ahead and assume it's in there as soon as it's dissolved. I'd wait a day or so however before retesting and adding more. It's easy to add......hard to remove.
  9. Leebo

    Pool Calculator

    Many moons ago TFP did use the PoolCalculator as it was originally created by JasonLion, former TFP Admin. As time went on the name exchanged hands yet TFP held a license for the code behind the page the entire time. After awhile TFP setup and updated the page you see here so we could make some...
  10. Leebo

    Sand filter w/ iron in water?

    The largest option for free water is rainwater for topoff. Direct downspouts into the pool if at all possible to help topoff the water during the summer. Granted you’ll likely get some stones in the water but that’s a lot easier to clean than iron
  11. Leebo

    Sand filter w/ iron in water?

    We too are on a well with high Iron and I too would avoid sand. We’ve had good success however with a DE filter as we tear it apart at each cleaning rather than backflushing. Key to remember regardless is to use fresh metal free water whenever possible and avoid as much water waste as you can.
  12. Leebo

    Leaf Net Cover??

    I'm in the same boat as Berns......we love ours and use it frequently. We've used one for about 3 years now from In The Swim. It will let some of the smaller items into the pool, however does cut down on the time spent vacuuming up the leaves. It really pays for itself for us each Spring...
  13. Leebo

    How much bleach?

    What chemicals have you ever added to the pool?
  14. Leebo

    How much bleach?

    What chemicals have you added in the past? This article gives more details in dealing with seasonal pools. Welcome to TFP!!!
  15. Leebo

    Pump Problems

    There is NO time when TFP would ask you to register for other sites in order to use any feature of the forum. The signature option is open for all members right after registration, no 3 day wait period is needed. Lee
  16. Leebo

    Truck bed liner

    Been on ExplorerForum for almost 15 years now......if we're going to pick on Gerald we've gotta do it right. :D Fc9js0ZQlbM
  17. Leebo

    So Now That My Beaded Liner Is Reinstalled...

    Do a search for Liner Lock. It clips into the track to hold the liner. You can find it at most pool stores. Very simple to use.
  18. Leebo

    Time to open?

    We use plastic snakes around the pool. Keeps birds away and gives the kids the tools to play gags on their unsuspecting friends.
  19. Leebo

    GLI pool products

    They're one of the larger suppliers, and very commonly sold by suppliers nationwide. We've just ordered the SantaBarbara from them and are awaiting install now.
  20. Leebo

    Yikes. Opening after winter.

    With your pool being 5000 gallons, I'd second a vote for a drain/refill. You may need to reset the liner some, but in the long run I'd expect this to be cheaper/quicker than the Slam process.
  21. Leebo

    Cheap DIY Aerator

    It also helps lower the water temp
  22. Leebo

    Didn't winterize this year, a few issues, have questions

    Tabs aren't a bad thing, when used correctly. Your plan on using the "leftover" tabs is dead on the money. Just keep track of your results and you'll be just fine.
  23. Leebo

    Can AGP be installed in winter?

    For me there's no way I'd have any work done outside in this weather unless it's an emergency. Low temps often leads people to rush jobs and the chance of subpar work increases. For $300, I'd wait until spring.
  24. Leebo

    noodle question

    We always forget to put them away for winter. They get green and slimy every spring and end up in the trash.
  25. Leebo

    Help me do 1st step, had to fill with pond water(UPDATE)

    Re: Help me do 1st step, had to fill with pond water Do you happen to know if the pond water was treated with an algaecide?
  26. Leebo


    Often when DE filters clog up often its a sign of poor water quality. What does your water look like? Any test results??? Also, read this write up on DE filters. All could be well, and a simple over site is causing an issue. use-and-care-for-de-filters-t4086.html
  27. Leebo


    What happens when you "bump down" the fingers?? Does the pressure drop???
  28. Leebo

    Sort of off topic: What are your pool rules?

    One of our biggest rules is no climbing over the edge of the pool. We've had several issues with the liner pulling away from the sides and have had to drain the pool to fix it in the past. All the kids in the family know's....climb over the side, you will be in trouble!
  29. Leebo

    Look what I bought on Craig's List!!!

    You better hurry, I'll call and offer $300. Great find! I've seen a few deals on CL, but don't know my way around Pittsburgh enough to pick the stuff up.
  30. Leebo

    Does my pool really exist? Everyone is stumped........

    I'm guessing that the use of Chlor Brite has allowed your CYA levels to go high, and that the reading if 80cya is an inaccurate result. On average, how many of these packs do you use a week? My suggestion would be to get your own test kit and hit pool school. You MAY have an algae out brake...