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  1. Leebo

    Anyone recognize this robot? (All black with a blue cord)

    I’m not seeing any sort of power supply however. Is there another box that kinda goes with it?
  2. Leebo

    Anyone recognize this robot? (All black with a blue cord)

    Looks to me maybe a Nitro Wall Climber. We had one for a few years till tee updated to a Maytronics.
  3. Leebo

    Maytronics T series

    I’m not sure about dust and such as most all around us are leaves and such. I do know it LOVES to pickup hair though as all the kids (there’s like 20 grandkids who use the pool frequently) seem to be constantly leaving hairballs everywhere.
  4. Leebo

    Maytronics T series

    I’m not really versed on the Maytronics setup, but to my knowledge it’s the same. It’s got the caddy, works with the App, and has the removable basket.
  5. Leebo

    Maytronics T series

    Well, this wasn’t supposed to happen! Stinking pool stores marking stuff up!!!! A few weeks ago we took my father-in-law to the pool store as we were gonna pick him up a basic T35 robot they had in stock. When we got there my FIL saw the demo model they had and asked about that one. Turns out...
  6. Leebo

    Issues with the "automatic pool cleaners" thread and pool school entry

    Thank you for bringing this up. I’ll review the article shortly and see what corrections can be made.
  7. Leebo

    What to do about leaves?

    Our pool is also surrounded by trees and leaves always fill it up. The best advice I can offer is to purchase a good leaf cover which goes over the entire pool and allows you to remove them all at once. Leaf Net Cover for a 12' x 20' Rectangle Swimming Pool -
  8. Leebo

    So this just happened....

    Congrats!!! I know you'll love the ease of the bot. Ours was named after an oldy but goody.....Mr. Splashy Pants. Kids never really understood it and my wife just kept shaking her head. Our old one died and I'm looking at another. Dare this one get called Boaty McBoat Face???????
  9. Leebo

    What will it take to clean the dirt from my pool?

    First off, I'd like to welcome you to TFP! There are multiple different things that could come into play here. The clear three are dirt, pollen, or algae. Often these three show many of the same signs. Being the time of year it is it points us towards dirt, however lets make 100% sure it...
  10. Leebo

    Pool cleaner research survey

    Sorry I haven't answered this thread sooner. Currently got one daughter coughing up a storm each night while the other decided it would be fun to start to come down with a stomach virus at the same time. :D I fully respect the concerns you may have with this survey. It is the first time TFP...
  11. Leebo

    Help me pick a automatic pool cleaner...

    Wall climber.... It looks like there's a chance companies have changed and quality went as of late seem poor.
  12. Leebo

    Help me pick a automatic pool cleaner...

    We've had the Nitro robotic pool cleaner for about 4 years now. Simple to toss in and let it do its thing. No issues running under the cover. It takes some time to clean our pool (about the same size) and does miss some, but for the majority of the time it works great.
  13. Leebo

    Easiest way to clean small & shallow pool (similar to a spa)

    Re: Easiest way to clean small & shallow pool (similar to a Couldn't you just brush everything into the main pool, and let that vacuum pick it up and filter it?
  14. Leebo

    Robotic Pool Cleaners - Leave them in, or Take them out

    Take them out and only put them in when you need them. It will shorten the life of the I believe it voids the warranty if my memory serves me correctly.
  15. Leebo

    Recommended pool robot?

    I too have the Nitro. Ours seems to be very temperamental. When it works it picks up almost everything....but nothing ticks me off more than when it's heading right towards the group of leaves, then makes a u-turn right before the problem area! Lmao! Guess I'm the small group who should have...
  16. Leebo

    Down to Earth manual vacuum

    Even though we own two auto vacuums ( one robot, one runs off the pump/filter) we still use the manual at least once a week. We often get just a touch if dirt/leaves in the deep end that the auto ones take forever to get. We just grap the manual one and quickly touch it up. I've also had better...
  17. Leebo

    My First Post

    You can pick these up at Wal-Mart or any pool store. Attaches to your hose and sucks right into your filter. Runs around $10-$20 depending. Some muscle work is required, but can't beat the accuracy. Even with the robotic vacuum I can't tell you how many times I watch it drive right up to a...