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  1. Leebo

    Calcium Hypochlorite tablets

    If you toss CalHypo directly into the water there won’t be an issue with the chemistry. The tab will cause a stain if it sits on the liner, but no boom. If however you insert a CalHypo tab into a feeder that’s had Trichlor in it, there is a chance for a boom. Even if there’s a very small amount...
  2. Leebo

    Calcium Hypochlorite tablets

    Has this feeder EVER had a Trichlor tablet in it in the past?
  3. Leebo

    Diy Stock Tank

    I’m loving this! Amazing job!!
  4. Leebo

    Advice for Hot Tub in AirBnB

    Let’s remember to keep this thread on track, we’re talking pools and Spa’s here. 😀No need to discuss the end of the world......
  5. Leebo

    Hot Tub SWG Output level in PoolMath app

    Ya know, let me see if I can maybe think out a side stepping attempt to get this to work. What if you try this....... Daily, click on the + icon on the bottom, and then select "Chemical Addition." From there select the SWG and THEN alter your 24 hour SWG Output. Also, go ahead and enter how...
  6. Leebo

    Hot Tub SWG Output level in PoolMath app

    Hello, and welcome to TFP! We are aware of this issue and it's currently in the books to be addressed. I suspect it's got something to do with the decimal point not being "hooked up" however I've yet to be able to really sit down with the developer of the App to hash things out. I'll drop him...
  7. Leebo

    Pool Math Hot Tub?

    At this time bromine isn’t one we offer, however it’s been discussed in the past.
  8. Leebo

    -51 degree wind chill Hot Tub Phenomena

    As somebody who spends their day at a full time job working outdoors I’ll add that this weather also causes all filters on your words to be removed and honest feelings to flow from your mouth. ?
  9. Leebo

    Effect of snow in hot tub water

    Where I live at we have VERY high iron in the water and "topping off" the pool each Spring with water gets pricey as we must truck it in. One thing I always try to do is to dump any water from the cover into the pool before removing from the top of the pool. Other than getting slightly dirty...
  10. Leebo

    Itchy rash. What to do with hot tub water?

    Ive done some cleanup in this thread and have removed some "questionable" advice to the OP. I ask that if you wish to further discuss some of the topics and advice given in this thread you please start a new thread to discuss. To the OP.........two quick questions for you. How does your...