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  1. Leebo

    New to TFP

    Welcome 🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏼‍♂️ So greatly glad you found us!!!
  2. Leebo

    New house with pool, diving in...

    You’re in good hands! Welcome!!
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    Yep, Dirk is right. We've got some users of PoolMath who are tracking over 100 pools and have multiple users all on the same account.
  4. Leebo

    New to the site

    Welcome to TFP!!!!
  5. Leebo

    Just found this site and I am beyond excited!

    Great, now I'm sad. It's a cold 50° and I know Winter is on it's way. Now here you come showing me an amazing pool that's indoors none the less. I'm gonna go cry now! Welcome to TFP!!! Glad to have you here!!!!!!
  6. Leebo

    The Honest Truth

    You know what you really need, a warm WELCOME TO TFP!!!! This honestly isn’t the first time I’ve seen this issue. While it’s right there in the open, it also does seem to be a bit hidden and not as “prominent” as one would expect. Those who know the App tend to migrate their fingers right to...
  7. Leebo

    New to pool responsibilities in Australia

    First and foremost, WELCOME TO TFP! If I may ask, have you made sure that cellular services is approved for the App or that it’s connected to Wi-Fi? We did have a user struggle a few weeks ago only to see they had disabled cell permissions for the App.
  8. Leebo

    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome! Glad to have you here and we can’t wait to see smiles on the little ones face as they enjoy the new pool.
  9. Leebo

    Hoping to learn

    I love hearing people speak when they’re looking to learn more! It’s sad, but it seems to be something fewer people are doing these days. WELCOME TO TFP!
  10. Leebo

    New Pebbletec & ? About App

    It’s not the first time we’ve seen that. I think the fact the numbers are in white and the decimal is grey’ish kinda fools the eyes.
  11. Leebo

    New Pebbletec & ? About App

    First and foremost, WELCOME TO TFP!!! In the lower left hand corner you should see the decimal. Looks like the following.....
  12. Leebo

    I'm new here!

    First and foremost..........welcome to TFP! If I may ask, what type of algaecide do you use?
  13. Leebo


    Welcome to TFP!
  14. Leebo

    Greets from London, England

    Welcome to TFP!
  15. Leebo

    Hello from Maryland

    Welcome to TFP! I'm gonna slightly assume here in this advice....... Assuming your pool is 4feet deep it will hold just a spit over 6000 gallons. With that a gallon of 6% bleach (again, an assumption that you're using household bleach) would add 3.5ppm of chlorine. Seeing a 3 to 4ppm drop per...
  16. Leebo

    Ready to fill my pool with concrete!

    Welcome to the forum!!! We’ll keep an eye open for your thread so we can clear up your pool.
  17. Leebo

    Hello From Soaking Wet Working Mother

    Save that photo! I see those coming in handy around graduation. Awesome intro and I cannot wait to help you out in the future!
  18. Leebo

    Hi From Steve71

    Welcome Steve!! We look forward to helping you with your problems. :)
  19. Leebo

    Introduction . . .

  20. Leebo


    Welcome to TFP Elwoodc5!! We hope you enjoy yourself on TFP. :) I'll check out your other post now.
  21. Leebo

    New to TFP

    Welcome! Can't wait to see all your work pay off.
  22. Leebo

    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome to TFP!!! We're looking forward to helping you clean up your mess. :p
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    Welcome to the forum!!! Hope you find the info you need. :goodjob::goodjob:
  24. Leebo

    New pool owner

    Welcome to TFP! We hope you enjoy your stay!!!
  25. Leebo

    Time to stop lurking...

    Chris, I absolutely LOVE reading posts just like yours! Thank you greatly for sharing. Giving the members the knowledge and confidence to maintain their personal pool is just what TFP is setup to do. Still to this day it brings a smile on my face every time a member posts up just how easy and...
  26. Leebo

    Newbie From Perth Western Australia.

    I would be VERY slow to trust these results from your Australian based test kit. A reading of zero CH is rather odd and doesn't occur that often. It's even more unlikely to see this change when your tests before have read around 120ppm. Before doing much of anything I would wait on the K-2006...
  27. Leebo

    New to pools: Heat pump vs NG Heater

    We installed a Heat Pump in the pool less than a month ago and so far have been VERY pleased with the results. We haven't however got our first bill yet with it in use. We started off with the water temp at about 80° and it ran 24/7 for about 2 days with the outside temps averaging about 75°...
  28. Leebo

    Deleting attachment

    Hello, To delete past uploads, please follow the steps below, Settings > Attachments Then select the attachments you wish to delete, and click the delete button on the bottom of the page. Another options are to become a Supporter or to use a photo hosting site as described...
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    Welcome to TFP!
  30. Leebo

    New guy from Ohio!

    Welcome to TFP!