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  1. Leebo

    Looking for feedback on levels, chlorine usage

    If your FC loss is 6ppm there’s likely a problem. It maybe an algae outbreak, a very low CYA level, or strangers hanging out in the pool for hours at a time. Regardless, if you see that…’s a large red flag there’s an issue.
  2. Leebo

    Pool Math vs National Swimming Pool Foundation Range Variance

    FC-Youve got it right, other outside of TFP tend to ignore the FC/CYA ratio. To keep a pool “clean” they tend to suggest other products like algaecides to assist chlorine. Often these products are either costly or have other side effects. pH and TA- Rather than typing, let me play a video CH-...
  3. Leebo

    How do I use the app

    Give this video a watch. Granted it’s boring and poorly done, but it should help you out.
  4. Leebo

    If liquid chlorine freezes then thaws, does it lose effectiveness?

    While you should be fine, I'd avoid buying a large amount of it. As explained in this post the freezing point of bleach isn't far from what your area saw this last week. I personally suspect buying a few gallons will be just fine, but I wouldn't stock-up just yet.
  5. Leebo

    Purple pool

    How long have you used the “PoolRX” basket?
  6. Leebo

    Pumped TO much water out of the pool...

    Having that little of water in the shallow is a risk. A wet winter and spring can easily cause the ground to become very soaked and push the liner upwards. Under normal conditions you’ll have enough water in the pool to hold the liner in place, but in your case it’s not as much weight. If it...
  7. Leebo

    Log for adding water in Pool Math

    I’ll toss this suggestion into a suggestion tracker we’ve got going for future consideration. I’ve seen it requested a handful of times and we maybe able to come up with something. 👍
  8. Leebo

    Cleaning up after Laura

    How much and how large of debris do you suspect is on the bottom of the pool?
  9. Leebo

    Pool Math App & Chemical Inventory?

    I’ve added the idea to a GutHub list for future consideration. 👍
  10. Leebo

    Clear Pool with High Nitrates & high Chlorine consumption

    While we cannot rule out Bromine, would there be any harm now in raising the CYA to 40’ish even to to see if chlorine use is reduced?
  11. Leebo

    Borates effect other chemistry?

    Working solely off memory here so please don’t quote me on this one........ As long as Borates are recorded the majority of the App will update itself to take them into account. The main time it won’t take Borates into effect will be when using the “effects of adding” and trying to figure out...
  12. Leebo

    Which ranges should I trust?

    In case you haven’t noticed, we love to help! Ask a small question like who to trust and we’ll toss every answer concerning your pool! If we’re going too fast or if there’s ANYTHING you don’t understand please speak up and ask. We love to help and love to simplify things for you. 👍 We don’t want...
  13. Leebo

    Which ranges should I trust?

    Well duh! Trust ours!!! 😂 Before anything, please allow me to welcome you to TFP!! We’re glad you found us. Rather than simply saying “trust this” I’d like the opportunity to explain to you why you should follow a set of targets and help you move in the right direction. Is there a certain...
  14. Leebo

    Start up pool guy threatening to add “special chemicals”

    I would ask if that's what their concern is. Metals in the water often don't show up and could cause the water to appear greenish. While normally metal products aren't a must, for new pools they're a requirement. This is because the plaster is somewhat "soft" right now and if stains appear as...
  15. Leebo

    Start up pool guy threatening to add “special chemicals”

    Have they added any chemicals to deal with metals?
  16. Leebo

    Help with alkalinity

    In return, thank you! You honestly just confirmed in a small way our main goal, to be helpful to the user while keeping the chemistry as simple as possible! We can’t wait to assist some more whenever you’ve got questions. 👍
  17. Leebo

    Help with alkalinity

    With a vinyl pool TA is even less important as the pH doesn’t sway nearly as much as do plaster pools. To lower your TA focus on pH. While that sounds weird, it’s not. Lower your pH to 7.2 and enjoy your water. Over time the pH will increase. When it hits 7.8’ish lower the pH again. In time the...
  18. Leebo

    Help with alkalinity

    There’s no dumb questions, that’s why we’re here is to help you! What type of pool do you have, vinyl....plaster....fiberglass?
  19. Leebo

    Help with alkalinity

    First and foremost, WELCOME TO TFP!!! One of the first things to know about TA is its duty. It’s main “job” is to make sure the pH doesn’t swing wildly up or down. If your pH is stable at 100, then the TA is doing its job. There is no perfect number here. What type of pool surface do you have...
  20. Leebo

    Are the recommended Calcium Hardness levels higher now?

    Keep in mind TFP takes all things and all areas into consideration with these levels. In your case it’s likely that your pool never gets that cold. In the north-East however pools easily see temps where the water is in the 60’s or lower. In that case the extra calcium helps protect the surface...
  21. Leebo

    Are the recommended Calcium Hardness levels higher now?

    They were altered this Winter as we've found users could control scale well above the levels we were suggesting before. That said, there's also no need to rush out and add calcium. As long as your levels are within the Recommended're fine.
  22. Leebo

    web site issue

    That’s an issue being addressed soon hopefully. Waiting for word from @dtrebus on this first
  23. Leebo

    web site issue

    @dtrebus Can you check this now and let me know if it’s working?
  24. Leebo

    web site issue

    I’ll jot this down to test as we’ve been doing some major updates the past few days. For now I suspect this link should help you out some,
  25. Leebo

    Why would pool be growing algae if my numbers are correct?

    How often are you brushing the pool?
  26. Leebo

    Pool math logs not found

    Can you drop us an email at [email protected]? I’ve got a few questions I’d prefer to ask in private that’ll help us out.
  27. Leebo

    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    Years ago when bleach was sold at 8% the price was better or close when comparing the two. Back then the “pool shock” was harder to find and bleach was everywhere. Today, it’s shifted a fair amount. Now with bleach sold at 6% the cost went up plus it’s harder to find.
  28. Leebo

    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    Give the video on this page a watch, I think it’ll help clear up a few things for you.
  29. Leebo

    Oops...I went overboard with the pressure washer

    I’m sure there maybe more, but I suspect it’s the fins all around the outside they’re concerned with. Those fins are very thing metal and damaging them can reduce how well the unit works.
  30. Leebo

    SWG and Pool Math question

    We would be done with some expanded features That’s in beta now, but this weather is making us slack and enjoy our pools. ?