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  1. Leebo

    Just wondering

    Thanks James!!
  2. Leebo

    Just wondering

    Favor to ask, can somebody post a link to some other thread on the forum?
  3. Leebo

    Just wondering

    So does this work….does it?
  4. Leebo

    Lee.. Do you see this alert???

    Hi 🙋🏼‍♂️
  5. Leebo

    Testing for errors

    There was another thread that was causing a SQL error and I wanted to see if I could recreate it using a different link. I failed 🤦🏼‍♂️ Looking like the error isn’t TFP rather the other link and the way the site is setup.
  6. Leebo

    Testing for errors

    Nothing 🤦🏼‍♂️🤬
  7. Leebo

    Testing for errors

    Let’s see
  8. Leebo


    I suspect you mean it's appearing Blue in the forum menu.........If so, it's actually telling you something. When a post is blue this means there are comments you haven't read just yet. After you read these comments it'll turn black, meaning you've read everything. :)
  9. Leebo

    Viewing signature on mobile version

    The reasoning for this logic is simply to save space. If a user is holding their phone in portfolio mode (up and down) longer signatures will quickly take up a large amount of space, so it's hidden. If however a user holds it landscape (sideways) then more characters are displayed per line, so...
  10. Leebo

    Test Thread

    Testing at 2:31
  11. Leebo

    Test Thread

  12. Leebo


    Testing about DE article.................
  13. Leebo

    Copy thread link from phone

    And while you’re sharing, send the links over to other social media sites as well. ?
  14. Leebo

    Pool math test

    Talk about an exact number of gallons! ?
  15. Leebo

    Checking links

    I’ll peak this weekend ?
  16. Leebo

    Pictures to posts from Forums main page gallery

    Trust me when I say this is a very stupid setup, and one I’m pressing the developers of XenForo to alter. The logic behind this is that the photo gallery and forum are two separate areas, even though you can access photos from the forum. Why they continue with this logic, who knows, but it’s a...
  17. Leebo

    testing the gallery

    Can you zoom in some on that leak?? ? Photos appear here just fine.
  18. Leebo

    Testing gallery links.

    Ok, so scroll up and see if you can view any of the original photos from Rob??
  19. Leebo

    Testing gallery links.

    This one??
  20. Leebo

    Testing gallery links.

    What about this??
  21. Leebo

    Sig Testing

    It’s gotta be a permission set wrong Pat, @JoyfulNoise is getting the same error. I’m stuck on a phone for now with poor service and my father-in-laws showing is tomorrow with the funeral Thursday so it’ll be a few days before I likely can take a look at the settings. I’ll get it
  22. Leebo

    Test for URL

    This is just a test...............
  23. Leebo

    Test Pool Math 2.0 Beta

    Truth is, I’m just sticking to my motto, find somebody better than you and let them make you look good. Jon is the one who’s doing all the amazing work. Thank each of you for testing this version out. Each of you have worked with some issues and hopefully found all the errors so far. If you...
  24. Leebo

    Test Pool Math 2.0 Beta

    I wonder what an update will bring? ;)
  25. Leebo

    Testing image hosting through google

    The easiest and most reliable way is to go ahead and host the photos on TFP. We’re making steps to slowly give TFP Supporters more space as they help us SO much. For TFP Supporters the average user will get WAY more space than they’ll likely need.....and we won’t charge you again in the future. :)
  26. Leebo

    Link test

    It looks like for some reason those buttons aren't being displayed right for some reason on various browsers. If you hold your mouse over where the icons SHOULD be it shows the code however the icon is hidden. I'll look into this this weekend as something isn't right.
  27. Leebo

    Album post test

    Matt, Try to visit this link. From there in the upper left hand corner you'll see the option to upload. Give that a try instead. Edit........ Here is a direct link, Upload Photo
  28. Leebo

    Picture test

    As Matt mentioned I'm making some changes that I'm hoping addresses this issue. It's very likely we won't ever fix this issue 100% on vB4 but I'm hopeful this will help reduce it in the future. Time will tell but last night I was able to upload a handful of photos correct that were rotated...
  29. Leebo

    Extra parenthesis in URL test...

    I'll look at this in a bit as it's odd what it's doing. The good thing is that both are going to the same thread. :)
  30. Leebo

    Testing Tapatalk post

    Still no error on posting via the forum.