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  1. pookiesunshine

    How to remove adhesive from vinyl liner?

    whatever you use, i would try a test on some leftover liner piece or get a sample from a store to test. OOPS is very good at removing adhesive, but i would test it first to be sure it wont damage the liner.
  2. pookiesunshine

    Tree and debris battle... Help with Skimming

    Not sure what you mean. is the base unit changing elevation or just the floating top rising out of the base. If the base unit is changing elevation, try tightening the fittings at the return jet. if the floating top is rising out of the base (that isn't changing elevation), the base position is...
  3. pookiesunshine

    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    local walmart had a bunch of pool essentials with date code 18177. yikes.
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    How long should I let my pump running?

    you will likely get a range of suggestions. i would suggest finding out what works on YOUR pool. i just recently bumped my run time an hour because i was seeing some algae growth in spots. the increased circulation cleared that up (all else being equal). If your pool is good now and running it...
  5. pookiesunshine

    First Time Convert to TFP and Need Advice

    Are you wiping the tip of the bottle with a damp tissue after each drop addition? If not, your results can tend to be high. just a thought.
  6. pookiesunshine

    In-Ground bromine pool, outdoors, causing bad coughing from everyone!

    JamesW, is this analagous to chlorine tabs and cya? just curious. Thanks
  7. pookiesunshine

    Two Questions

    1) from my search here and at taylor, it does cause a positive interference. taylor offers a test solution for that interference. 2) i would guess bleach. bleach is heavier than water and will go to the bottom if not dispersed. if you have not been adding it slowly in front of a return jet(s)...
  8. pookiesunshine

    New convert

    Are you sure you are using poolmath and the FC/CYA chart properly? You should change the target FC box from default 4 to your target, which is minimum 5, target 8 to 10 for cya 70 (higher if you use cya 80). and dont forget to enter the concentration of bleach you are using. Sorry if you know...
  9. pookiesunshine

    Dont know what I'm looking at

    not unusual to have more than one return. either the line is plugged or perhaps a separate suction line for a pool cleaner? do you feel any flow at all when you put your hand over it?
  10. pookiesunshine

    Newish Leslie's Pool Supplies Assistant Manager - Breaking a Stigma?

    i dont think our leslie's has 2.5 gal jugs chlorine; i will have to check on that. certainly not promoted if they do. [the two stores closest to me do not offer the 2.5 gal jugs.]
  11. pookiesunshine

    Newish Leslie's Pool Supplies Assistant Manager - Breaking a Stigma?

    I will follow Battle's outline. Here in OH, we dont have PAP, mainly other independents, Walmart, box stores. Leslie's pros: multiple locations near me. wet chemistry test methods (except FAS-DPD, and salt) Leslie's cons: generally higher prices on whatever i might be interested in. no FAS-DPD...
  12. pookiesunshine

    Foreclosure With Neglected Pool, Please Help!

    Hi, Aimee, from a neighbor just south of you in West Chester. remember it is easier to add more cya than to get rid of it if you add too much. after adding 4 lbs, you should be able to see some cloudiness in your test sample even if you still get a low reading. it should not be clear anymore. if...
  13. pookiesunshine

    New Pool Owner - High CYA after two partial drain and refills

    you dont have to wait. check your last water bill for the rate and calculate the volume of water you added. Also, contact your water utility and tell them you are filling a pool and dont want to be charged the sewer rate, just the water rate. Not sure how your utility handles it, but here we...
  14. pookiesunshine

    what sump pump partial drain

    i got one of the 1/3 hp pumps Deanp66 mentioned and it worked great, but i didn't have to go 200ft. i pumped out of the shallow end so the lift head was not that far. i used old pool vacuum hose, cut off the ring at the end of the hose and was able to force fit it over the pump outlet. pump rate...
  15. pookiesunshine

    A few winterizing questions/clarifications

    Cat, curious as to why you dont like threaded plugs? the ones i use have gasket/o-rings that help seal. been using them on my return lines since 1990.
  16. pookiesunshine

    Can't get my handrail tight enough

    do the two anchor posts move in their sockets when you are having this behavior? if they remain still, it might just be the nature of the cantilever design. if the anchor posts do move, they are obviously not tight enough and follow kadavis advice. it is easy for the wedges to come loose from...
  17. pookiesunshine

    Muriatic acid cost

    menards $4/gal 31.45%
  18. pookiesunshine

    Betraying my TFP with trichlor while on vacation

    lightmaster, no need to feel guilty, vacation is one of the few decent reasons to use pucks. instead of a solar cover, maybe some liquid solar for a one time use. enjoy the eclipse.
  19. pookiesunshine

    From clear to cloudy water after attempting to raise TA with baking soda

    will the aeration also tend to reduce the TA? since he has already added some soda, would it not be better to just use borax since it tends to raise pH more than TA whereas soda raises both?
  20. pookiesunshine

    New guy seeks CYA info

    is the benz.. an algaecide? not a source of free chlorine. if you added the cya in a sock it should all be in there. if you dumped the cya in the skimmer, it may not be all dissolved yet, depending on how long it has been. may be caught in the filter. if you backwashed soon after adding it that...
  21. pookiesunshine

    New pool owner - Chlorine saga

    Did you look into the ahhsome products that Matt mentioned in #98?
  22. pookiesunshine

    Frustrated in Ohio

    hello to both fellow ohioans (Teany i'm in the west chester area)! Tbranham, the pool store should take back any unopened bioguard you have for a refund. if they are reluctant, you might explain that adding that stuff was actually making the problem worse, not helping. [as an aside, i looked it...
  23. pookiesunshine

    New pool owner - Chlorine saga

    light fixture? - - - Updated - - - hook up your vacuum hose and try to vacuum that junk to waste before cleaning out the rest using algaecide and bleach.
  24. pookiesunshine

    New pool owner - Chlorine saga

    do you know if your pool store owner neighbor was servicing the previous owner? he might know or be able to find out what was put in the pool. maybe the previous owner left records? or you can contact him to find out? something is seriously wrong. sounds like a dead animal stuck in a pipe...
  25. pookiesunshine

    New pool owner - Chlorine saga

    Ha! you beat me to it. i was just reviewing previous posts to see if the filter had been addressed yet. also the obvious point of emptying the skimmer and pump baskets..these seem so obvious but i recall seeing a recent post about someone having one full of leaves.....
  26. pookiesunshine

    New pool owner - Chlorine saga

    definitely possible. easy to check.