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  1. pookiesunshine

    Green Backwash Filter View Port

    gmike, yes definitely do something so you can check potential leaking. I check mine after every backwash after learning the hard way, but i have a flexible b/w hose so pretty easy. Maybe someone else who has hard piped b/w can give you a better idea. perhaps install a downward facing tee with a...
  2. pookiesunshine

    Opening pool and no free chlorine

    Is this a misprint? this is the opposite of the black dot test i'm familiar with, that is, if the dot is obscured with just a little sample added to the tube, that is high cya. just checking.
  3. pookiesunshine

    EEEK! The Monster Behind Our Pool Light

    The gunk behind my light looked similar but was soft, easily vacuumed. i hooked up an old manual vacuum hose to my skimmer, put filter valve on waste, sat on a paddle float in the pool, and manually vacuumed as much of the gunk out as i could. I see you have a de filter and likely dont have the...
  4. pookiesunshine

    Help Finding the FC Eating Monster

    your early posts say you are NOT passing. maybe i missed an update in later posts that you did. another thought after seeing your check on blocked return: do all of your return flows seem normal pressure or rates? is your filter pressure higher than normal? either of which could indicate a...
  5. pookiesunshine

    Help Finding the FC Eating Monster

    possibly something in your pipes and/or water features? i've never used it but might you try the Ahh-some product? Have you removed your light fixture to look in the niche? other possible hiding places you have to look behind? just wild guesses. i forgot to add that Winnie might be on to...
  6. pookiesunshine

    Black Algae still kicking me while i'm down!

    If this is what you are using to "sanitize" your pool How the Go Chemless Bio Sanitizer Works!Swimming Pool Bio Sanitizer that is likely a major part of your problem.
  7. pookiesunshine

    Is This Algae?

    what level of cya and fc have you been trying to maintain? what kind of tabs have you been using?
  8. pookiesunshine

    Algae but FC high and steady

    you might consider getting the cya 50 std from tftestkits next time you order something. it helped me gain some confidence in my tests, i was reading a little low compared to the standard.
  9. pookiesunshine

    Newbie who started the SLAM this morning

    1. you probably backwashed some of the cya out; not fully dissolved yet? 2. always after b/w, turn valve to rinse for about 15 sec, then filter. of course, turning off pump each time before moving valve.
  10. pookiesunshine

    Pink Slime

    Thanks for the reassurance, Matt. haven't seen any yet.
  11. pookiesunshine

    Pink Slime

    I did not want to see this. i converted from baquacil cause i hated pink slime. now it's here on chlorine? NOOOOOOOOOOOO...........
  12. pookiesunshine


    And there is your problem. The polymer is still present and has increased contact with small particles at the eyeball opening velocity. the agglomerated particles then fall out as sediment. i have no idea, just made that up. Good luck!
  13. pookiesunshine


    The eyeball also increases the velocity of the water, at least near the opening but not sure how much farther back upstream. Is it possible there may be some sediment in this line that is getting picked up by the higher velocity with the eyeball in place? I see you have AGP so unlikely that you...
  14. pookiesunshine


    Ok, this seems bizarre. To paraphrase and summarize: with bag in place, no sediment in pool or in bag; with eyeball in place, sediment in pool. A logical but improbable conclusion is that the eyeball is deteriorating. I assume this is not the case. A question to which i assume the answer is...
  15. pookiesunshine

    Pool not clearing up, and filter pressure not increasing

    if it is on filter not recirculate, the particles in the water are likely too fine to be removed by the sand. you could add some DE, search elsewhere on this site for how to do that to be sure it is compatible with your filter.
  16. pookiesunshine

    HELP! Green Pool after using E-Z Pool last year. Pool Store is not helpful

    Texas, thanks. haha. my first thought was you were referring to the pool store water sample bottles!