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  1. pookiesunshine

    preventing debris from getting under mesh covers

    Update-not working so great in windy conditions. recent strong front came through and over half of the foam pieces were blown either into the pool or out from under the cover. sigh.
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    Help me blow out the main line with compressor? Its set up as shown but nothings happening.

    looks like your skimmer line valve and main drain valve are both in the same position. i take it you have already plugged the skimmer lines at the skimmers, but you might try closing the skimmer line valve to see if it helps with blowing the main drain.
  3. pookiesunshine

    Closing with mesh cover before water temperature is below 60 degrees
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    preventing debris from getting under mesh covers

    i used 3/4 in barb connectors less than 30c apiece. Have had my mesh cover on for about 3 weeks with the referenced foam pipe insulation around the edges, works great. first cleaning of my robot showed only a few leaves in that three weeks. a lot of silt, but that is expected. also looks much...
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    preventing debris from getting under mesh covers

    In this post no. 6 i think you meant to say 1/2 inch barbed connectors, not 1 inch? thanks
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    Menards pool shock B1G1 starting tomorrow

    okay, we are waiting on word from your guy as to when it will be, if it will be. thanks
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    Menards pool shock B1G1 starting tomorrow

    yes, i noticed this morning it has not started yet.
  8. pookiesunshine

    Menards pool shock B1G1 starting tomorrow

    Thanks, i've been watching for this several weeks.
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    preventing leaves and debris from getting into IG mesh-covered pool

    This is a followup to a similarly titled, closed thread from last fall that mentions two different products to use under the cover:
  10. pookiesunshine

    Drill tip for removing pool anchor bolts?

    A long handled allen wrench came with my cover or anchors, not sure which. I cut off the short end so i would have just a long hex rod, about 18 inches. works great in a drill, not so much bending. If your drill has torque settings, use a very low setting to avoid over tightening/stripping.
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    Mesh Cover & Deck Anchors

    NOW you tell me. lol. i will definitely give this a try next spring (pun intended). Thanks.
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    PVC fittings from return lines sticking out of the surface - bad idea?

    Sudden, use your device as described, except after you plug it, rotate it (tighten) so the plug is in the water pointing straight down. That is essentially what i do. i add some antifreeze via the device outlet before plugging and turning it down.
  13. pookiesunshine

    preventing leaves and debris from getting into loop-loc mesh-covered pool

    I also have a lot of trees and a mesh cover. high winds raise the cover and let leaves in. you can use water bags or water blocks between the tie down straps to help hold the cover down. i just use old chlorine jugs partly filled with pool water, but they are unsightly.
  14. pookiesunshine

    Broken Screw Heads in Pool Cover Anchors

    you can try a screw extractor, check your local hardware store. but if the heads broke off you are likely to remove the whole thing, not just the screw. maybe you can grip the edges of the screw with needle nose pliers if you remove some of the debris around it.
  15. pookiesunshine

    Help 1st year closing inground Pool w Hayward sand filter- Cannot blowout Main.

    if you are using a shop vac to blow the main drain, it is likely that it is not powerful enough. you should try a compressor or cyclone blower.
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    Can I suck the water out instead of blowing? 1st time closing my pool by myself.

    i think the main pump will run dry before the line is completely empty. if i understand what you are asking.
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    Cover pool but not close it

    personal preference; you dont need one.
  18. pookiesunshine

    Use of Cyclone Blower to close pool

    The concept of closing an in ground swimming pool
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    2018 Bleach Prices

    nikon, cant help with the code, but i think the container should be opaque to help prevent degradation.
  20. pookiesunshine

    2018 Bleach Prices

    our menards had date codes 18177 to 18121. i got all 177. woohoo.
  21. pookiesunshine

    CYA Price

    except for the online bulk MediumMo mentioned, i havent seen it anywhere around here for less than $4/lb. our walmarts used to carry it but i have not seen any in the stores this year. price is higher at pool stores, but then i dont frequent them often. hehe
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    Stopping Leaves and Debris from going under cover

    if aesthetics are not a concern, use some empty chlorine jugs filled with water to hold down the cover between the straps. if appearance is a concern, you can buy some containers made for this; I think Catanzaro mentioned those in one of his posts. I started doing that this year and had much...
  23. pookiesunshine

    Algae on sides?

    I experienced something like that last year. just keep brushing it a little extra each time you brush your pool. eventually mine went away, but it took a while.
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    Reuse backwash?

    cfclay, i can see why you wouldn't want to unroll your long b/w hose every time and i will assume it is not practical to leave it out (as i do). i dont think that old filter housing would come close to holding my amount of b/w, but if it does yours and is easier, what about just letting it drain...
  25. pookiesunshine

    Reuse backwash?

    i didnt expect that kind of response from a moderator. why not just say "not the best idea and water your yard."
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    Help with backwashing

    check this post Deep Cleaning a Sand Filter
  27. pookiesunshine

    Drain in-ground vinyl pool or rake rake rake

    a bagged net like this will help you get more stuff out quicker, but it will get heavy. as tim suggested, beverages help.
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    What is this switch - OMG I LOST IT!

    i went back to the initial post to be sure it wasnt on April 1. Could it be a part of an automatic cleaner? Didn't see one listed in your sig, though.
  29. pookiesunshine

    Proper Way To Blow Out Lines

    As Cat said, yes. just to be sure you understand, close the valve while still blowing, not after you turn the blower off.