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  1. Brentr

    Welcome for a New Family Member

    Looking very nice, it something DW and I will consider adding later.
  2. Brentr

    Dreammaker Fantasy Hot Tub Spa, pros and cons

    I have asked the owner if his tub has a 2 speed pump and how it all works. I am also wondering if $1700 is a good value. For those of you who have 230v systems, how long does it take for your tub to heat up and about how much increase do you see in your electric bill? I can only imagine that the...
  3. Brentr

    Dreammaker Fantasy Hot Tub Spa, pros and cons

    It has a dual hot stick patented heating system. There is no heating element. They say that the water is heated using the heat generated by the pump, so therefore it is more efficient. How is this possible? Is this a scam? On another note they say that the running amps is 11.5 amps, my pool pump...
  4. Brentr

    Dreammaker Fantasy Hot Tub Spa, pros and cons

    I am thinking of purchasing this spa used condition, about 1.5 yrs old, $1700 asking price, and was wanting to hear thoughts. It is a 2 seater and seems perfect for the wife and I, the wife is 5ft and I am 5ft 5ins. I like the fact that it is small and weighs 235lbs empty so it could be moved...
  5. Brentr

    Spillover Spa Wall Top between spa and pool missing?

    Welcome to TFP :cheers: :nopic:
  6. Brentr

    Gulf Coast

    Derekm, how hot does the water get and how long does it take to get hot? Have you had any problems with the pumps etc. We would probably be interested in the smaller one as it would be used by DW and I. Thanks in advance :cheers: :cheers:
  7. Brentr

    Gulf Coast

    Thank you for the info. I wonder how long this will last and how reliable and durable etc. Please keep us updated if you purchase this. Thanks :cheers: :cheers:
  8. Brentr

    Gulf Coast

    Can you post a pic of your soft sided tub? Also specifics like make and model. Thanks
  9. Brentr

    Clorox Vs Cheap brand of bleach

    I use the Walmart brand and it seems to wotk for me :cheers:
  10. Brentr

    Question about Heat Pump Siphon

    My Heat Syphon Heat Pump is set to come on when the pump is running. I would suggest checking to see when you heat pump comes on. You will have to set the pool pump to 24hrs. When the set temp is reached the pump will shut off. It works like your airconditioner in your house. Hope I have...