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    Need an Above Ground Vacuum Recommendation

    Hey guys, i have an above ground pool and looking for a vacuum recommendation. Had a hayward diver dan for a while and i truly despise that thing. Suction just never did work correctly for me. I bought a handheld rechargable at Walmart last year for around $100 and of course it won't start up...
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    What’s Going On Here?

    Went out to check out my pool and noticed this buckling near my slimmer. Am I in trouble?
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    Sand At The Bottom of My Pool

    Figures on the hottest day of the year (near 100 in Boston today) i'm seeing sand at the bottom of my pool. It most definitely looks like filter sand. I haven't changed out the sand in probably 4 years, so I'm assuming that part is due. I have a Hayward with a multiport valve for my above...
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    Target Up and Up Bleach...with Fabric Protection?

    Hey guys i typically buy all my bleach at Target--the house brand Up & Up. When i went to buy it last week, it looks like their base concentrated bleach now has a different label. It says "Concentrated Bleach with Fabric Protection" I'm not sure if anything change or not, but I wonder if I...
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    Filter Leaks! Help!

    Hey guys just started opening my above ground pool today. I've got a pretty furious leak at the connector hose that's going to the top of my sand filter. I took a video of the leak to help. Any ideas what to do here? I've re-tightened, re-adjusted, heated, etc...
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    Advice On Heating Above Ground Pool

    Hey guys--four year pool owner here, and I've decided that my pool is just too cold. There's partial shade over my house, albeit with some sun, but I'd like to try to get the water a bit warmer. I have an 18' x 24' oval above ground pool with a connected deck. See picture here...
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    Ultimate Pool Cover

    I upgraded my cover to the ultimate pool cover this year. For some reason however the water is accumulating on top of the cover. I thought it was supposed to drain into the pool? See image below 2 D48 CA72 3459 46 B6 BDE7 D8 CDF4 A2 DE9 E —
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    Advice On Above Ground Pool Cover With Partial Deck

    Hello there, trying to get ahead of the curve this year. I've owned this above ground pool (see picture below) for three years now and every year it's the same story--when I go to open the pool, the cover is filled with debris, water, leaves etc and it is impossible to get it all off the cover...
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    Hayward Pool Vaccums

    I bought one of the 'Diver Dan' automatic Hayward pool vacs about three years ago. At first it seemed to work OK, nothing really impressive, but the past few years it has gotten to the point where the thing isn't even moving when i hook it up to the skimmer. Not sure if I'm just doing...
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    Leak at Pump Connector

    hi guys--installed a new pump and all is good except for a pretty noticeable leak at the connector to the pool pump (from the skimmer). See pic below: pool leak — water is dripping fairly heavily right at the seal between the black hose and the white adapter. I didn't put any...
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    Trap Gasket--do i need to lube or seal this on a new Pump?

    hi guys i just bought a new hi-flow pump and the think came in pieces so i need to put it together. the gasket that connects the motor to the trap that look Waterway Gasket, 2 Union (711-4010) - do i need to just let this sit against the motor connection--or am i supposed to be...
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    Twist Lock Timer

    Hi guys looking for a twist lock timer similar to this one: I would buy this but the reviews say it is only rated for something 1HP and under...
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    Dear Electricians....

    Hi guys, i'm trying to find a new pump but a bit clueless on some of the electrical stuff. My current pump for my above ground pool is a 2HP Hi-Flo --- 115 Volts, 13.8/3.8 Amps. My current outlet shows 20 Amp, 125 Volts. I think i can move to a 1.5 HP Pump as my pool is only about 10-11K...
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    What Plug is This?

    Hi guys this is the plug on my existing pump for which the nearby outlet is setup to plug in. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet In trying to identify a new pump i see NEMA 3 prong and Twist Lock as options and i don't know which one this is. Can you help identify? Thanks!
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    Pump Replacement Recommendation

    Hi guys I have a Waterway Hi-Flo 2 speed pump for my above ground pool. Also have a Waterway filter. The pump is leaking everywhere and I think it's time to just get a new one. Just curious if I need to get a Waterway pump again? It so should I just buy the same one? Not even sure if it's...
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    Waterway Impeller Removal

    Hey guys--i'm trying to replace a shaft seal on my Waterway Hi-Flo Side Discharge pump (above ground). I've got all the back pieces off but cannot get the impeller off. I've taken the cover off the back of the motor and tried to hold the screw in place while turning the impeller but it just...
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    Twist Lock Pump Timer?

    Been getting gouged on electric bills so decided to finally get a timer. Bought the Woods heavy duty but then realized that I have a twist plug. D'oh! What do I do now? Any way to get an extension cord adapter that would be ok and that I could leave outside? Or do I need to suck it up and...
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    Leak Under Pump When Pump Turned Off

    When I turn off my pump (Waterway Hi Flo) there appears to be some water seeping out from somewhere near the filter and between it and the pump on the ground level. Can really figure out where it's coming from. Read that it could be a seal in the pump--does that seem right?
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    How Long Do You Run Your Pump?

    I have an above ground pool and have been running the pump non stop and noticed it big time in my elec bill this month --(about $120 higher!) Curious--when do you turn off your pump? I usually add my bleach in the morning so i might just start turning off before I go to bed. Any automatic...
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    Baby Fence Ideas Needed

    Tonight was scary. My one and a half year old basically just walked into the pool--thankfully my wife was right nearby and rescued her. Whatever the case it scared me straight into thinking we really need to put up some sort of protective fence. We have a four year old that can't swim either...
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    How to Remove Stairs from Above Ground Pool

    Maybe this is a dumb question, but i cant get my stairs out. With the weight of the water they are so heavy. I was going to jump in the water to lift out but the water is so cold i couldn't get myself to do it. Is there an easy way to do this that I might be
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    Few Questions for BBB Newbie

    Former Leslie's slave here trying to switch over to the BBB method. I bought the Talyor K-2006 Test Kit. After a test (i have an 8000 gal above grnd pool) i got the following results: Chlorine .6ppm, no combined chlorine Ph = 7.2 one drop to raise acid alkalinity = 40ppm calcium hardness...
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    Pool Newbie Needs Help with Sand Filter

    Just bought a house with an above ground pool this past fall. We had someone repair a few things on the pool over the winter (hole in liner, new lining, new motor for pump etc) I'm just trying to get the pool open, and have the filter and pump turned on. I just have no idea if the filter is...
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    Pool Repairs--Am I getting Gouged?

    Hi just bought a house with an above ground pool which needs a few holes repaired and a new liner amongst other things. It's a tricky situation since one end of the pool was covered by my deck and he needs to pull up some of the boards to replace the liner. I got a quote of $1675 for the...
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    Question on Safety Gates

    Hello, new member to the forum. Just bought a new house and we have an above ground pool built into our rear deck. See picture below: We also have a 2 year old, a dog and a new baby on the way. Sooo, as you can imagine, I'm focused on getting the pool area gated off. I've seen the mesh...