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    Finally got my K-2006 and first test results!

    Yes, test at least 2-3 times a day and whenever your FC tests bellow your SLAM target, bring it up. Don't test anything else, just FC & CC while SLAMing.
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    New doughboy startup

    Do you remember how much chlorine was added after filling the pool? I guess over one gallon? You indicated 7.8 FC on Monday afternoon and 3 FC on Tuesday morning, than adding 3 FC and measuring 11.2 FC at 11 am on Tuesday. It looks like 3 FC reading was incorrect for some reason and 8 + 3 = 11...
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    Question about Alkalinity

    Hi Julie When you plan to add anything to your pool, it's best to use PoolMath calculator first to find out how much product to add. Based on that it looks like 2 gallons of muriatic acid (31.45%) would lower your pH to less than 6.7 You have to be careful with that. If you can, please add your...
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    TFTestkit finally in! Results posted, SLAM needed.

    It should be doable. Pour slowly mixture of DE & water directly into your skimmer basket. It should get sucked in. Just go slowly.
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    TFTestkit finally in! Results posted, SLAM needed.

    Did you read this guide? Add DE to a Sand Filter Your thru the wall skimmer should have a cap on top of it that you remove to get access to your skimmer basket. Remove the cap and with pump running slowly pour mixture of DE & water as outlined in the link above. Make sure to note filter pressure...
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    Taking the Plunge (literally and figuratively) with My Pea-Green Pool

    I'm concerned about your CC, it should be close to or at 0. Is your pool covered?
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    Fresh Start - New Liner - Fresh Fill - Crazy Numbers

    Don't stress about TA too much. It's not hurting anything in your pool and it will come down eventually. I was pretty much in your shoes last year when I got my pool installed in August last year. Fill water was 300 TA, at pool closing in early November I was down to 170. After opening this...
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    New Member in New Jersey

    Did you add any liquid chlorine since your test? It was almost nonexistent and for your CYA you don’t want ever to drop it below 4 FC
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    Just want to cry 😥

    OP acctually have very high CYA over 100. There is another thread where they were advised to do dilluted test. Once completed we can make recommendation of how much water needs to be drained.
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    Drain My Pool Again!! 2nd Time in 6 Months!! URGGGGGGGG

    Hi, welcome to TFP! Good decision on cutting ties with pool stores. You can easily maintain your pool with regular household products. The staple of your pool diet will be liquid chlorine, aka bleach. You probably will need also muriatic acid to lower your pH, when needed. The most important...
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    Just want to cry 😥

    You had the right idea how to measure CYA above 100 before. Use this trick again. Mix equal parts of pool water & fresh water, this will be your test sample. Add reagent and measure CYA than multiply your number by 2, this will be your CYA.
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    Hi Nana, welcome to TFP. What was pH before you added Borax? Your TA (Alkalinity) is rather high and because of it your pH will tend to raise. There is no need to raise it with Borax. Your CYA (stabilizer) if correct is too high. If that value is true you will need to do at least 50%...
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    brown slimey pellet looking goo on the ladder and bottom of intex ultra ag pool

    What is your CYA & FC according to the tests you are able to do?
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    Getting My Act together

    Yes, according to PoolMath for such high CYA, daily maintenance FC should be around 17-19 and if it ever dipped bellow 12, that might allow algae to grow. Once algae is visible, it would require FC of 63 to SLAM it. It looks like it would be highly impractical if not downright impossible to...
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    Removing water based paint from pool

    I'm pretty sure the paint will sunk to the bottom, so you might try vacuum it out.
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    Opening pool

    This is the reason your pH is not raising back up.
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    New (to us) Home with In Ground Pool

    Great, I just wanted to point out that possibility. I wouldn't want you to drain the same water you are adding.
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    Getting My Act together

    Think about pool as a pet. Would you want someone show up every two weeks or whatever schedule it is and dump all the food for your dog/cat into giant bowls and hope it will last till next visit? Would rather feed it yourself everyday? Your pool will do much better if you "feed it" everyday. By...
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    SOOO many questions!

    No, FC isn't thrown off by the shock. If their test is correct, it is very low, which is why @Mr Bruce advised to add a gallon of bleach every day until your kit arrives to keep things in a holding pattern. CC on the other hand is very high, perhaps as a result of chlorine oxidizing a lot of algae.
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    New (to us) Home with In Ground Pool

    Did you drain from deep end and add water to shallow end? I suspect this might be your problem. As @mknauss outlined this is correct way if your fill water is warmer or have the same temperature as your pool water. In your case, pool water is probably warmer than fill water, which means you...
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    TFTestkit finally in! Results posted, SLAM needed.

    Great news! It should speed up your process once you get all that debris clean out. You will be able to reclaim your pool soon.
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    Taking the Plunge (literally and figuratively) with My Pea-Green Pool

    No, pH test is invalid with FC over 10 and TA, CH & CYA shouldn't change unless you do partial drain/refill. This statement isn't correct. It is recommended to pour liquid in front of return, not inlet. You want to add any chemicals in a way they will be distributed in a pool as quick as...
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    TFTestkit finally in! Results posted, SLAM needed.

    That looks much better. You are on the right track.
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    Ready for the Slam and need guidance PLEASE.

    32 gallons of 6% bleach is way too much for your pool. It would raise your FC to 99. How did you calculate this number?
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    TFTestkit finally in! Results posted, SLAM needed.

    What FC level are you targeting currently while under SLAM? Are you keeping your pump running 24 hours a day?
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    TFTestkit finally in! Results posted, SLAM needed.

    It shouldn’t take this long. Double check your CYA on a sunny day as outlined in extended test instructions. Maybe you’re not hitting your SLAM target for your CYA. Usually it takes only a few days to turn into blue cloudy stage.
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    Taking the Plunge (literally and figuratively) with My Pea-Green Pool

    Household bleach is usually 6%. Sometimes you can find 8% version. You have to be careful to look for regular bleach without any additives. Scented, splash-less or CloroMax versions are to be avoided. In practice unless you can get it super cheap, 10% or 12% are the best deals and as bonus you...
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    Upgraded Pump - Leaks

    Did you use teflon tape on those connections? If you can, upgrade to pvc. It will be less leak prone and more durable.
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    TFTestkit finally in! Results posted, SLAM needed.

    Yes, it's highly possible that heavy rain and wind dumped a lot of leaves into your pool as it seems to be surrounded by trees. Elevated CC also indicates chlorine is oxidizing new organics in water.
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    Ready for the Slam and need guidance PLEASE.

    It's not really a mistake but a bit of confusing situation. You assumed your CYA was 20 ppm and added 10 ppm to reach 30, others might have thought your CYA was 0 and you added 30 ppm worth of stabilizer and it's still not showing up. Anyway, you are on right track now to get your pool back. The...