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    Solar heat -- reduce pump output from 1.5" to 1"

    Would it harm the pump to reduce the output from 1.5", then run it through 300' of 1" black poly pipe, then back to the pool? It's a two-speed pump, running on low speed 24/7. The only time I use high speed is for the vacuum, backwash, etc.
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    NEW POOL -- Pump & Filter placement?

    Before I dig in the dirt and level the 2" solid blocks with sand, is this set up correctly? SEE PHOTO. -- Are the filter & pump too close/far from pool wall? -- Is it OK if hoses touch? -- Hoses are dinky, want to replace with better ones; any suggestions as to a quality Brand? -- Both are...
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    Grease question

    Is this 90% Silicone good for O-Rings? Ace Silicone Grease 1/2 fl. oz.(050094) - Faucet Grease - Ace Hardware I called the store, they said the package reports "No petroleum" in the product.
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    New pool -- Test kit?

    Have had the Intex variety of soft-side pools for years, starting with 10' and moving up to 18'. Filled with shallow-well water, always got by with floater-tablets, and a weekly bottle of Bleach. Finally decided to put in a permanent hard-wall, 24' Aluminum, 4' deep above-ground. Just...
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    HELP! Hazy, turned Cloudy, turned Milky

    We've had one of those round Intex pools for 5 years (10' for 3 yrs, got an 18' last year), and never did anything but use chlorine tabs in floaters and occasional testing and shocking every 2-3 weeks as a precaution -- never had any real problems. I think the first year we got some brown color...