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    2 cups of MA every day Ph always high

    On average I find I have to add between 2 and 3 cups of MA per day, I’m in Florida and it’s currently the rainy season but even when it’s not raining my PH is still high almost 8.0 now after adding MA to reduce it my TA is about to hit 90 if I add another two cups of acid, my Ch is also at 130...
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    Trying to balance pool it’s not working

    I took a test sample to the sparkle brite pool store today and they said I had no cya so I put in 8 cups granulated directly into the skimmer the pool is 10,000 gallons I removed the basket and poured it in I have algie but I haven’t put in any chlorine or added the 4 cups of muriatic acid I was...