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    Anyone have Mini Pebble Aqua Cool or Aqua White in Tampa Area?!?

    Hi all, We are looking to see if there is anyone in Tampa, FL area that went with Mini Pebble Aqua Cool or Aqua white for your pool finish. We are in the process of deciding within the next week and were hoping to take a look at the pool finish in person, if you didn't mind. We have seen many...
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    Aqua cool vs Aqua blue mini Pebble?!?!?!

    Hi, I'm a little torn deciding between mini Pebble aqua cool vs aqua blue. I have a big oak tree in back so we will have a lot of shady areas for the pool. My coping is off white (sandstone) and water tile is attached. We're trying to decide which one would be best to go with by tomorrow, which...