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    Anybody have this liner, or one like it?

    It is called Cobalt Lake / Grey Mosaic. This is the liner we think we are going to go with on our build. Was hoping that someone here might have this or a similar one and could share a pic with the water. Choosing a liner is very HARD.
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    TF test kits PH meter, XL option for new build question

    Looking to get some feedback on the ph meter from tf test kits. I have a TF100, my brother in law needs a good test kit so I plan to give him my kit and get a new one. I am close to construction on my first in-ground build, it will be 4-5 times the volume of the pool I have previously...
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    I'm a geek and proud of it.

    I thought I would post an introduction since I am probably going to become much more of a TFP user. I was a lurker for a while, found this site and used the concepts here to clear an algae bloom a few summers ago. I finally joined last summer when I was battling some bad sand quality after I...
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    Signing Contract soon! Central Nebraska Pool Build

    FINALLY, we have our contract and plan to sign this week. Construction should begin in the next few weeks. My contractor is a little hesitant to commit to an exact start date right now due to the odd weather we have had this spring and how far that weather has caused him to fall behind his...
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    Beginning the process, got a question.

    I am a fairly new member to the TFP community, although I have been a lurker for three years. I found this forum two summers ago when I was having trouble keeping our seasonal above ground pool clean. Once I found this site, got a TF100 and studied Pool School, I have not had a single water...