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    Electronic descaler

    Not exactly pool related, but I figured you guys might be able to help anyway. The city water here in Seattle is generally pretty soft (CH 40 as of this afternoon although I wonder if it doesn't fluctuate), but we’ve often had tiny (mostly white) stones collect in our aerators and shower heads...
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    Car vs. hot tub.

    I almost had a car in my hot tub while I was on vacation, but a fence and tree valiantly gave up their lives to stop the car. The tree guy was just out and pronounced the tree a “total loss” although it is still standing for now. The tree guy also pointed out the tree’s root ball must be up...
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    Using dry ice to lower ph

    I’ve found a nearly free, if erratic source for dry ice and remembered this post: which tells me that one pound would drop my ph from 7.5 to about 7.25 which I have confirmed. I want to use dry ice in lieu of...
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    Are HTH salt test strips reasonably reliable?

    I bought a pack and measured my water at 500ppm, consulted the pool calc and added 6 bags (240lbs) of Morton’s pool salt. I tested it again and the strips read 2000ppm, and the water feels even better than I had hoped. So here is the problem, my wife and I can both taste the salt. I have...
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    Bubble Bath?

    I friend was telling me about a resort they’d stayed in that had a large “jacuzzi tub” on the deck. And since it looked like a bathtub, they decided to add some bubble bath. And once their kids figured out how to turn on the bubbles hilarity ensued. When they were done, they pulled the...
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    Oddball aeration question

    I just picked up an electric air pump to fill up pool toys and it got me thinking about aerating. I have an in-floor cleaner so the usual eye-ball tricks won’t work. I think the pump would put out too much air, but I bet I could hang a hose into the skimmer basket and get it to suck a little...
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    Can I use Boric acid from a pottery supply company?

    I think I just found a deal on Boric Acid in Seattle. The webpage ( doesn’t say much about their boric acid except that it is $33 for 25lbs. So is there anything I need to confirm when I go to the store?
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    Adding cellulose to a sand filter

    I’m not unhappy with the sand filter, just greedy for even better water. :mrgreen: Thanks to you guys, there were days last summer when the water was so clear that I had trouble telling what the level was by looking across the pool at the skimmer. But I feel like unless carts and DE are...
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    Raising TA & CH in a closed pool

    Since I live in Seattle, I’ve replaced at least 2 feet of my pool water with rain water this winter. So I started to wonder about my CH and TA since the rain shouldn’t have much or either. They were both scary low until I ran the pump for an hour, now they are just low enough that I want...
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    Adding bleach with an infloor cleaner

    My wife and I have moved in with her recently widdowed mother who was never really involved in the pool maintanence and the CYA is probalby higher than my current test kit can measure (it reads 110, new kit on order) so I am anxious to get off the pucks fast. Pool school says to slowly pour...