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  1. kenmar

    When will they learn...

    Check out the section on "maintenence" for a laugh. Hard to believe this was posted on a major news site. Ken
  2. kenmar

    Real Quick Pump Timer Question

    Hi All, I just purchased a timer for my IG pool pump (The ever popular T104R.) My pump currently plugs into a dedicated receptical. My question is, which is the correct way to wire the timer? Option 1: Feed -> Timer -> Receptical -> Load Option 2: Feed -> Receptical - Timer -> Load...
  3. kenmar

    Faster Dissolving Cyanuric Acid

    I have 0 CYA and a DE filter I need to backwash frequently (after clearing algae on opening.) I just read this entire thread... It seems that everyone agrees that CYA takes up to a week to fully disolve (even after the initial chrystals have disolved.) Why can't I just put the CYA chrystals in...
  4. kenmar

    My DE got wet and I think I like it

    Hi All, I accidently left my bag of DE out in the rain. Of course the bag started falling apart so I shoveled up the remaining DE and put it in a 5 gallon bucket. Now, since the DE is damp (sort of the consistancy of wet sand) it is soooo much easier to use. When I scoop it out, I no longer...
  5. kenmar

    Pool service started opening my pool without permision

    Hi all, For the past 3 years, I had a company open and close my pool. This year, I was going to try to tackle the opening myself. On wed, I took my filter, pump, and plumbing out of my shed where I store it for the winter. I cleaned my (de) filter and organized all the equipment on my pool...
  6. kenmar

    Heathkit Wireless Pool Monitor

    I will believe it when I see it, but I have fond memories of Heathkit projects. ... oming-Back
  7. kenmar

    Chem Levels Min/Max

    This question might be best answered by Chemgeek or Jason. As you may know, I am writing a pool testing app for Droid phones (SimplePool.) Currently, I am not validating users input. As such, a person could enter a value that is wildly unrealistic (pH of 2, FC of 500, etc.) I would like to...
  8. kenmar

    Droid App - Wrote my Own

    Hi All, Based upon the rules, I believe this post is legal. guidelines-for-posts-by-people-who-are-in-the-industry-t15260.html The few existing pool maintenence Android apps did not do what I was looking for. I wanted one that supported the BBB philosphy as well as had functionality similiar...
  9. kenmar

    Hoarding Buried Alive - TLC

    Tonight at 7pm, "Bobs Passion for swimming pool parts"
  10. kenmar

    Hats off to moderators!

    I see spam messages posted... and before I can report them.... POOF! they are gone!
  11. kenmar

    First time cleaning filter

    I know you guys like pictures, so here is a brief pictorial of my filter disassembly and cleaning. Note that this is the first time I took it apart since the pool was installled (2 yrs ago.) The most difficult part was figuring out that I had to reassemble the filter panels OUTSIDE of the...
  12. kenmar

    Winter Damage - Best way to fix

    Hi, Just looked at my pool for the first time in months (the snow just melted.) I noticed that one of the brass bolts holding my cover down has broken. I AM NOT a "do-it-your-selfer." What is the proper way to fix this damage? (both structurally and aesthetically)?
  13. kenmar

    Your Pool - from SPACE

    We built a house two years ago. For the longest time, just an empty lot appeared on Google Earth. Finally, it looks like the satellite made a pass over my property. From what I can tell, it looks like this was taken 6-8 weeks ago. Lets see yours!
  14. kenmar

    Return Splitter

    Hi All, Does anyone know if there is a product to split the flow of a return jet into two (or three) different directions? There is a circulation "dead zone" in my pool I am trying to resolve.
  15. kenmar

    Article of Fox News,2933,597467,00.html In the end, I think they get it right suggesting that Chlorine and UV are the best choice for sanitization. I am kinda concerned that they do not clearly identify specifically what chemical they claim causes cell damage (CC's?)
  16. kenmar

    Maximum water level for a vinyl pool

    Hi All, One week ago (during a major 100+ deg heat wave), I was adding water daily, now we have had 3 days of rain. One of those rain events dumped 5.67" of rain. I have already dumped water once (to bring the water level to the middle of the skimmers.) Today, after more rain, the pool water...
  17. kenmar

    Who else is watching frustratedpoolmom's post count?

    A big milestone is just around the corner! :thequeen: Think of how many people she helped with all those posts! -Ken-
  18. kenmar

    Solar Heater Recommendations

    Hi All, After having a very heated (no pun intended) discussion with my 12 yro daughter regarding the temperature of our pool, I am leaning towards installing some sort of solar heating system to supplement our gas system. Our current pool temp without the heater on and without a solar blanket...
  19. kenmar

    kenmars Pool Opening 4/30/2010

    Hi All, Our pool was opened today! Initial Readings FC: 0 CC: 0 (this confuses me, but I am OK with it) CYA: 20 PH: 7.2 TA: 20 Water Clarity: Dull, with visible algae on walls and floor. Main drains were visible. Added bleach and trichlor tabs(to bring up CYA.) FC was 18 two hours later...
  20. kenmar

    Another First Time Opening Question

    Hi All, Last year we had our pool installed and we used the BBB method the entire year :goodjob: Current our pool is scheduled to be opened on 4/30. At that time, A pool service company will be removing the cover an reinstalling the filter and pump. Today I pulled up a corner of the cover so...
  21. kenmar

    Pool Cover Maintenence

    Hi All, After a wonderfull first year with our new pool (BBB since day 1.) we closed this fall. We live in south eastern PA, and have had a lot of snow this year. Additionally, wehere we live, we have al lot of wind. At one point, we had 5' of snow on our pool cover (yes, that is 5 feet.) Now...
  22. kenmar

    Lawn care forum suggestions

    Hi All, When I built my new house, we had an IG pool installed (or first pool.) Had I not found this forum prior to opening our pool, I can only imagine what shape my pool would be in (or how much money I would have spent at the pool store.) Right now, I am sitting in my home office overlooking...
  23. kenmar

    Tested my brother in laws pool....

    Hi All, Under the guise of wanting to test out my fancy TFP test kit, I asked my brother in law if I could test his pool water. I actually was curious to see for myself what readings a "3" tab/Non-BBB user" would have in their pool. He has a circular Ag pool of unknown gallonage. To be fair...
  24. kenmar

    Another pH/TA Question

    Hi All, Since my pool was installed a month ago, my pH/TA have been creeping up. Everytime pH gets to about 7.8 I add some acid. My gut feeling is that it should not be necessary to add gallons of acid during a season (I am on course for that) Below is list of my test results and adjustments...
  25. kenmar

    Sequence for adjusting levels

    Hi All,, Is there a prefered sequence for adjusting pool levels? Ex CYA before FC or TA befor PH.... -Ken-
  26. kenmar

    New Pool Owner... My Story

    Hi All, I just wanted to relate my story... My wife and I moved into our newly built house this past December. My wife always wanted a pool, and as such, we had one installed at the same time the house was being constructed (30k Gal, in ground.) Never having owned a pool, I really did not know...
  27. kenmar

    Have you seen Woot today?

    I hope it is ok to post this here.... Does anyone know if this is a good deal or not?