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  1. borjis

    Do solar cover reels work?

    I have one that came with the house. The caster wheels were all froze up so I just removed them. It is definitely better having one imo. At first when I bought a new bubble cover, I used the straps, but those were more of a pain to deal with, so I removed them and just pull the cover up and...
  2. borjis

    adding calcium to vinyl pool

    Vinyl owner here, CH also helps to prevent foaming. So I maintain 75ppm to avoid that.
  3. borjis

    Pool blaster Max

    I don't believe so. Ni-Cad only. I will say this, the the Li battery version has a MUCH better push in power switch that is sealed much better than the twist/thread switched units.
  4. borjis

    CH important in a vinyl pool??

    I like to maintain mine around 75ppm minimum. Sometimes you can get foaming, if you have very little ch.....keeping it up a little prevents it.
  5. borjis

    New Addition - Dolphin E10

    Excellent! Very pleased with mine too, going on it's 3rd season.
  6. borjis

    Solar blanket Questions

    They definitely help retain heat and prevent evaporation. As to heating the pool, I know a lot of folks will say they don't, but my experience has to agree to disagree. When my pool is covered during the day as it is the 5 workdays a week, near the late afternoon, on a hot sunny day, the top 1...
  7. borjis

    Gas or Electric Heater?

    A lot of us here, have found the Raypak line of heaters to be the least problematic and if repairs are needed, tends to cost less, due to less components. I have the PR266AEN (266k btu) model, you would probably be best off with the 400k btu model. So something like the PR406AEN. Cupro-nickel...
  8. borjis

    Summer pump runtime?

    only 2 hours a day works well for me. I do run the pump more though, on weekends when swimming or guests over. Find what works for you.
  9. borjis

    Please help! My dog got in the pool yesterday and tore my liner!

    One of my pool rules: no dogs in the pool. If I had plaster, I'd let them swim.
  10. borjis

    Wrong Size Liner...Again

    I had that done as well. There were some black bar 2 foot long things with markings on them they placed in several areas then took photos. The liner ended up being a tight fit. So tight that it stretched the tile pattern about 2 whole inches in a part of the shallow end when it was nearly...
  11. borjis

    Do gas fired pool heaters that are properly grounded, also ground the water?

    Grounding and Bonding are entirely different things. Although technically, they kind of are grounded....the bonding lug on the pool pump for example, the bond and the ground are certainly together in the sense they have a connection on the housing. In two different places for each. But...
  12. borjis

    Do gas fired pool heaters that are properly grounded, also ground the water?

    Not necessarily. I have a vinyl in ground with no light. The metal ladder is the only means to provide bonding to the water, short of installing one of those plates in the skimmer.
  13. borjis

    Wrong Size Liner...Again

    ask for a discount for the delays....not your fault.
  14. borjis

    How to bond a Canadian Hayward pump

    wow that is kinda odd. I suppose you could drill a hole and attach a bonding lug....I know Lowe's carries them. Maybe look at photos of the american version to see how/where they do it.
  15. borjis

    High chlorine and damage to heaters/equipment

    well, saying he's looking out for customers "long term financial investment" while recommending brushing with a steel brush when the inevitable occurs over and over again likely wouldn't help the long term life of a plaster finish. Also how happy would a customer really be having regular algae...
  16. borjis

    High chlorine and damage to heaters/equipment

    one statement contradicts the other. yep, he's a "Pool Pro."
  17. borjis

    White slime in cartridge filter

    You have to replace water do reduce cya. draining a foot or two at a time then re-filling will get cya to a desired number. Not sure what is going on with your TA. mentioned turning yellow and I didn't see a number posted. If your ph fluctuates a lot then adjusting the TA will help. I know my...
  18. borjis

    High chlorine and damage to heaters/equipment

    Maybe I suppose. If there was zero cya, but then the sun would burn it off in 30 minutes and it would be gone right quick and no damage. He probably doesn't factor cya into that statement. So false it is.
  19. borjis

    High chlorine and damage to heaters/equipment

    Anything up to shock level, for your cya level is fine. The manuals say not to dose chlorine more than 2-3ppm, BUT that is not taking into account the buffering of any cya one would have. Paul, our resident heater installer/fixer/adviser once told me that above all else, improperly high or low...
  20. borjis

    White slime in cartridge filter

    You pick the number nearest to the markers on the test vial, since the test only works that way. That would likely be considered cya of 70 then, which is very manageable but would be good to reduce in the near future.
  21. borjis

    Filter Vibration noise is driving me crazy

    Brilliant solution haha. I had a vibration in the handle selector of a brand new multi-port valve. Stuffed a small piece of foam down in the turning area. vibration gone.
  22. borjis

    If it’s not one thing, it’s another… Tear in vinyl liner

    I'd be very surprised if a patch kit didn't work well. Have not had to do anything like that, but read plenty of stories on the forum.
  23. borjis

    I've spent hours reading through posts on this forum, how did I miss

    We get the flying ants every August. Last year was the most I'd ever seen in the pool. I could see their wings all over the water. hundreds. had to clean the hair net out in the skimmer.
  24. borjis

    How long do you run your filtration system daily?

    I run it for 2 hours daily on weekdays. Most of the day on weekends (when swimming).
  25. borjis

    In-ground Vinyl out of liner

    I wonder if it would help if direct sun sitting on it most of the day would stretch it out some. I have heard of some folks using a hair dryer to heat up the vinyl, but very risky.
  26. borjis

    Hoping for inground/2020 Costs anyone?

    Pool build costs vary from region to region. In my area a basic rectangle in ground vinyl 16x32 starts around 20k and goes up from there. Someone in another part of the country was quoted 40k for a similar pool. The best advice is to get a variety of bids from reputable builders.
  27. borjis

    Can an expert point me in the correct direction to replace the motor in this pump? *pic*

    ya completely different. The 2 speed runs on either high or low. The variable will run a range of low to high rpm. More power savings on the variable.
  28. borjis

    Help! - Suggestions for a suction side pool cleaner or Robotic cleaner?

    They are low voltage and for safety code reasons undoubtedly plugged into a GFI by the pool, but the manuals say not to swim with them.
  29. borjis

    Clear water, musty smell

    As far as "musty smell" is it kinda fishy smelling? I get that smell when the pool has been covered all week. After removing the cover and full sun to burn off the CC's for a few hours, it usually goes away.
  30. borjis

    Are Hayward Sand Filter Tanks prone to fail?

    S244T owner here. No cracking issues of any kind, still going strong with years of service. I had a surprise winter freeze a few years back that busted my heat exchanger. The sand filter was also full of water and did not crack. Not sure if they made a few defective units, but these filters...