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    Removed automatic valve actuator, now there is no power to switch inside house.

    Hi, My 2 Automatic Valve Actuator broke. I decided to removed them since I don't use them much. Not sure how this happen but I followed both lines and cut it by the control box. Now, the switch in my house control panel doesn't work. IE: pool lights, spa, etc ... Are these two wires...
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    Bad Cartridge replacement filters?

    Hi, I purchased a used house with a pool about 6 months ago. After 3 months as pool owner, I saw the psi from my filter go up to @16lbs and decided to replaced all 4 of my cartridge filters with these from amazon: : PACK of 4 Hayward CX570XRE, Star Clear/Swim Clear C3000 C3020 ALL...
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    New to TFP from Houston, Tx

    Hi, I just purchased a used home with a pool. The previous owner had a pool cleaner full service weekly. Well, I'm not about to waste anymore money on them and let them go today after observing them for one month. All he was doing was netting out debris, empty skimmer basket, empty pump...