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  1. goody222

    How to read end of FC test

    I've always been confused as to when the FC test is considered complete. Many times the pink will be completely gone, then I'll add an extra drop and realize that the water was a bit cloudy because it goes from slightly cloudy to crystal clear. Is crystal clear or no pink left but slightly...
  2. goody222

    Pump speed affect FC generation?

    I have a 2 speed pump and I'm wondering if my salt cell produces the same overall amount of FC in either slow or fast speed. I figure with fast speed there is more water moving through the cell, but its probably not producing as much FC during that time. (I'm running 2 hours in fast speed and...
  3. goody222

    Where do you dump skimmer contents?

    I'm curious to know where everyone dumps their skimmer contents. With an inground pool, just dumping in the grass/flower beds could result in it getting blown right back in. I have a 13 gallon kitchen garbage can that I use, but when it rains the can collects water becoming smelly and heavy...
  4. goody222

    Why CYA of 60ppm "Not Recommended" for SWG pools?

    On the Chlorine / CYA chart for salt water pools, a CYA of 60 is not recommended. The last couple of weeks my FC has been 8ppm with CYA 60 (had to order more CYA). Adding stabilizer today, but just curious why this is not recommended as long as I'm maintaining FC well over the minimum. Thanks!
  5. goody222

    Measuring Pee in the Pool (Video)

    Video about measuring pee in the pool that I just found. Also, interesting experiment starting at the 4:30 mark How to measure HOW MUCH PEE IS IN YOUR POOL - YouTube
  6. goody222

    FC level band at 10ppm - How measure pH?

    So I'm keeping the pool open for the winter and my CYA is currently 80ppm (going to let it drift down of course). With the salt cell off for the winter I'm supposed to follow the "Non-SWCG" FC/CYA bands with a target of 9-11ppm for CYA=80. My FC is currently 11.0. I've read that pH is not...
  7. goody222

    Winterize Waterfall for Pool Not being closed?

    I have an inground pool that will remain open all winter. My Hayward Aqua Plus system has automatic freeze protection. I blew out my waterfall line with a shop vac, then isolated it. During a recent rain I'm realizing that rainwater can collect at the top of the waterfall basin and drain...
  8. goody222

    How often brush pool?

    I've been reading previous posts about preventing algae and I've seen that many people recommend brushing the pool walls on a regular basis. How often do you all brush (I'm doing a SLAM 3 weeks after a previous SLAM and want to ensure that I'm doing everything correctly). Is once a week...
  9. goody222

    SLAM and pool cleaner

    Getting ready to SLAM my pool. I understand the importance of scrubbing/vacuuming the entire pool, getting every nook and cranny. I normally leave my cleaner in the pool unless anyone is swimming in it. After discovering the algae, I took the cleaner out - it doesn't have any viable algae on...
  10. goody222

    Report on Salt Water Testing

    So test results for salt has always bothered me. I posted this issue before and I understand that the different methods have a large +/- range, and to just make sure that I go by what my Hayward Aqua Plus says (which I do). So I found a 3000ppm salt solution on Amazon and figured I'd post the...
  11. goody222

    Air Gap in Pump Filter with Solar Panels

    Hi, For my 25k in-ground pool, I have a SP3210X152 TriStar 1.5 HP Pool Pump (Max Rate, Two Speed) which normally ran fine at 10psi in high speed with a clean filter. After having a solar system installed, the pump now runs fine at 13.5psi high speed with the diverter valve bypassing the...
  12. goody222

    Salt testing methods all over the place

    Hey everyone, So I know that no matter what, I should always maintain my salt levels based on whatever my Hayward Aqua Plus reads out, so that it works correctly. It just bugs me that salt testing is all over the place. My pool, salt cell, reagents, salt meter are all <10 months old. I took...
  13. goody222

    Ambient lighting for backyard around pool area

    Does anyone here use ambient lighting in their yards? I think it looks so nice to look at. Some options I'm considering are solar lights, string lighting with Edison bulbs going around the pool, christmas lights around the deck columns, step riser lights (although those would require an...
  14. goody222

    Water Level Band for Vinyl In-Ground Pool

    I'm trying to figure out what my minimum and maximum pool level band should be. I'm surprised I can't find any official information on this. So my Hayward skimmers have a tiny, faint arrow for proper water level. About 1 inch above that is a screw holding the skimmer in on each side. My...
  15. goody222

    Diluting CYA Test for MORE accurate result

    Looking at the stabilizer scale of the Taylor 2006 test kit, the ppm markers for the 60-100ppm range are very close together. I recently made a stabilizer add to the pool. It seems to only take several drops to go from 90 to 80 and depending on who reads it, I'm getting answers of 90+ down to...
  16. goody222

    Testing for CYA using the TFTestKits 50ppm standard

    After running in circles trying to figure out when I've hit the target CYA, I ordered the TFTestKits 50ppm stabilizer standard to see how close I was getting. I've read many people stating not to look too long for the black dot - some say a quick glance which is what I've been doing. So I...
  17. goody222

    Accidently "saved" instant salt on Hayward Aqua Plus?

    While the pump was off at night right now, I was looking at Instant Salt=0000 in one of the menus and accidentally hit "Save". Now my default screen says salt=0000. Will this revert back to the average when the unit comes on next? Do I need to do something else?? I've been fiddling around...
  18. goody222

    Pool Math SLAM additions accurate?

    Chemistry as of yesterday with Taylor 2006: pH= 7.2 FC= 3.5 CC= 0.0 TA= 60 CYA=around 60-65 Calcium = 180 Clear water, CC of 0.0 BUT a few times in the past 2 weeks found algae growing on the wall which I immediately brushed. I didn't perform the overnight test due to process of...
  19. goody222

    Pump Speed when SLAM

    I have a 2 speed Hayward 1.5HP Tristar. When SLAMing, can I get away with running it in slow speed the entire time? Thanks!
  20. goody222

    Chemical Log Sheets

    Hey all, I'm trying to find some recommended log sheets to write chemistry results down on. Any suggestions or links anyone can share? Thanks!
  21. goody222

    Hooking up vacuum correctly?

    I just wanted to confirm that I'm vacuuming correctly from what I learned in pool school from the builder. I put my 2 speed pump in High Speed. I completely submerge the vacuum and hose insuring it is 100% filled. Then shut off my 2 drains and reach in 1 of my 2 skimmers to move that...
  22. goody222

    Hello from Chesapeake, VA

    New member here! Love this site. Since I'm a type-A organizer AND engineer, I will be spending many hours here trying to maintain my pool to perfection. That "I'm overwhelmed" feeling is starting to go away. I mostly felt that way after my 1.5 hour pool school from the builder. That's a...
  23. goody222

    Winter Chemistry for Open Pools

    I'm a new pool owner of a 26k vinyl in-ground pool with a SWG that was completed in late fall. I live on the Virginia coast where we typically have 45F winter highs/35F winter lows. With the SWG off (due to winter low temps), FC = 0 and CYA = 0. I've been maintaining pH and Alk. The pool...
  24. goody222

    Traditional Chemistry vs. TFP Chemistry

    I'm a new pool owner (details in signature) and I want to be a model of well maintained pool chemistry. Love the website! I've read the pool school pages and noticed that the chemical bands on the door of my Hayward Aqua Plus (which I guess some call 'traditional chemistry') is quite different...