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    Recommendations for a Liquidator flow indicator?

    Anyone have luck finding a quality flow indicator (tubing is 1/4 ID and 3/8 OD) for the Liquidator? The one included leaked air (and so did its replacement). I don't have one installed right now, but it would be nice to have one to fine tune the output from the Liquidator.
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    Upper limit to salt level?

    Is there an upper recommended limit to the salt level? I'm at 5,000 now.
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    MaxxStrip / Kieserite Tile Cleaning in Central Valley of California?

    Does anyone know a MaxxStrip / Kieserite tile cleaning company that services the central valley of California? I wasn't able to find any candidates via Google.
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    Recommended product for sealing cracks in shotcrete/concrete waterfall

    I'm looking for recommendations for sealing cracks and gaps that have formed over time in my waterfall. It's allowing water to trickle through the cracks and escape out the back and the sides. Thanks in advance!
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    Tile Scale Removal Options

    I have some light scale that has been on my tile for years and isn't responding to acid or any other scale removal methods. I've read of some people having luck raising the pool water level and lowering the CSI to remove scale over the course of a few days. Would it be possible in my...
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    Are main drains necessary?

    Are main drains necessary in an in-ground pool? I almost never use mine. I would think a second skimmer would give more benefit. If you ever needed to drain, you could use a submersible pump. Seems like you could skip the main drain to save some money on the initial build and simplify your...
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    Calcium Releaser

    Anyone have experience with calcium releaser? Trying to find a good product to remove scale from my tiles. Oceancare Products - Calcium Releaser
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    Low RPM Single Speed Pump?

    I'm looking for a low RPM single speed pump for my waterfall. My current waterfall pump is a 1 HP 3,450 RPM that's loud and uses over 1,000 watts. I want to replace the pump (or keep the wet end and just replace the motor) so I have a quiet and energy efficient setup. Any suggestions?
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    Suggestions for waterfall pump?

    I have a 1 hp single speed (3450 rpm) pump for a small waterfall that cascades into my spa (which then cascades into my pool). I think this pump is overkill for a waterfall and I'd like to replace it with a quiet, energy efficient pump (the current pump draws 1250 watts). I was looking at...
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    Plaster Scrape Repair Options

    The plaster on my pool bottom was scraped by an umbrella base that the wind blew into the pool. It caused two small cosmetic gouges about 1 square inch in size. Is there any way to repair the damage without draining the pool?
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    Needle Valve for Liquidator

    I'd like to install a Hayward needle valve and I have 3/8" OD (1/4" ID) tubing. Which size valve should I order (1/4" or 3/8")? Thanks in advance!