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    Gunite mistake on shelf/ledge depth - what are my remedies?

    Hello! Right after our gunite crew left today, I went out and immediately noticed that the tanning ledge looked too shallow. It was supposed to be 15" and is 12". The project manager came right out and said this was a case of first impression for him. He is calling his manager. What are my...
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    Pebble Fina vs. Hydrazzo?

    Hello! We are looking for a smooth finish in our new pool. Our PB here in Austin is quoting us over 5k for Pebble Fina and 8-9k for Hydrazzo. I was curious about opinions on these two finishes? Also is this pricing way out of line? Though I'm not sure if we have much choice unless we want...
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    Pebble Fina in Austin?

    Hi there, does anyone in the Austin area have a Pebble Fina pool? Thanks!
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    Can you please post your Pebble Fina photos?

    I would love to see your Pebble Fina photos! There are not that many example photos on the internet. Thanks very much!