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    Deck width

    What do you all think is the minimum width of a deck that will have regular size chaise lounges on it? 8 feet?
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    New Pool Proposal and Equipment Recommendations

    Hey, all. First time ever building a pool here in Denver CO. Would love to get some feedback and insight from you pros! Here is the basic info and will attach the plan from builder. Pool 20' x 40' 800 sf, shotcrete construction Pool 3'6" to 9' deep Spa attached but exterior to pool, 8' x...
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    New gunite pool build in Colorado. Crazy expensive.

    Just getting started on planning a 20 x 40’ rectangular gunite/shotcrete pool, diving depth 8 1/2 feet, with spa in the Denver area. The first 2 estimates are crazy! $160,000 and $227,000! Hopefully the next estimates are more reasonable. Jeez. Colorado is always expensive but this is just nuts.