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    Solar actuator gone bad.

    The motorized valve that turns my solar on and off developed a leak in the stem, I guess the o-ring goes bad over time. I wasnt really worried because it was a slow drip, over the course of a year it increased to a more rapid drip. Other than being annoying I wasnt worried much but then on...
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    auto cover rope life.

    So I love my autocover but at times it sucks. When i closed it today one of the ropes broke. I think this is the 4th time in 5 years, at least the third. Everything I read seems to indicate that this is abnormal, the cover is a "coverpools". I called and complained but I doubt that will help...
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    petaluma pool fence

    Decided to use steel rems from our laser cutter to make a fence along the road by the pool. The sheets are 48" x 120", 3/8" thk steel, pretty heavy. I set 6 x 6 press treated posts 3' deep in concrete, then lag bolted the panels to them. I started saving these about 2 years back so it nice to...
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    Petaluma pool needs water balanced.

    My friend bought a house with a fiberglass pool, 12' x 25', 10000 gal., with 4 laminar deck jets, a spa, a 460 sq ft cartridge filter and a variable speed pump. Also has a 250 btu gas heater. There is also a tablet feeder so you can guess what one problem is. I went to check his water today as...
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    posting pics.

    I searched for this but just want to verify, the only way to post pics now is using offsite "hosting"? I have alot posted the old way so I guess my space allotment is used up on this site?
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    heat pump questions

    I recently installed a 12.1 kw pv solar system for my house. For the last week in sunny conditions it is producing about 10 kwh extra per day. Since I get almost nothing for the extra production (I get paid $.04 per extra kwh at the end of the year) I was thinking maybe a heat pump to add a...
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    White flakes

    I'm really tired of seeing a plume of white flakes come into my pool periodically. I realize that this is from the swg changing polarity to keep itself clean. My pool test numbers as of yesterday were: 8fc, 0cc, 8tc, 7.5ph, 90ta, 430ch, 50cya, 87deg, 2900 salt. I know the cya is a little low for...
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    Jacuzzi Sherlock 120 filter oring question

    My friend has a pool with this filter. It is leaking where the two filter halves join. Looking on the internet I bought a new oring the part diagram shows only one. Upon taking his filter apart there are two large orings there, the top one seems to be a little smaller cross section or maybe its...
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    All the older threads gone?

    So where is the my pool build thread?, and all the older threads?
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    New East Texas Pool Build- Part 2 ?????

    What happened? Did the builder get mad again that it has taken him so long and doesn't want to see it in writing?
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    fc level for swg

    I read that the fc level should be between 3 - 5 for a swg, is there a problem with it being a little higher than that? Here are my tf-100 test results: fc 8 cc 0 tc 8 ph 7.4 ta 80 ch 390 cya 50 salt 3000 temp 86 The water looks perfect at this level, when the fc was around 4 it would get a...
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    building a cast concrete fire pit

    As part of my new patio project (need to update that thread) I want a gas fire pit. I've seen some really nice concrete ones but they cost approx $2500 / 3000 for something I like. We have a machine / sheet-metal shop so I thought I could make a mold from steel, pour the concrete, then have the...
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    adding new deck by the pool

    Putting in a new stamped concrete deck for the barbecue, fire pit and more seating area. I'm in the process of getting the utilites plumbed where the slab will be. I'm running a 2" gas line under that will be connected to the house at a later date, this will allow the addition of a pool heater...
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    installing csst (natural gas) from house to patio

    Anyone have any info on this? Just planning what size line would be needed to run a barbecue, fire pit & possibly a pool heater in the future.
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    solar panel temp sensor malfunction

    When I checked the temp of the solar panels the reading was 255 deg in the morning, later in the day it was reading 10 deg. The pool people said the sensor was bad, $60.00 later with a new sensor the readings were close to the same 255 deg in the am, then 30 deg when I looked after work. This is...
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    optimal solar flow

    What is the best way to know that you have the optimal water flow through your solar panels? I know the panels should be cool and the water should be approx 4 deg warmer, can you have too much flow?
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    granite table and stools

    We found this at a local landscape materials yard that was closing, I should have taken a picture before it was dissembled, any way this thing is really sweet, also heavy. Wont be moving this around, it's going by the corner of the pool deck. This shows the base, the top, and all pcs together...
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    rainwater dilution, negative csi.

    I wanted to lower the salt level in my pool and the CH some. My ic-40 is set at 8%, pump runs 8 hrs per day.I put the pump on the cover and the hose into the pool, we recieved approx 3" of rain. Here are the old numbers and then the new. fc 4.5 cc 0 tc 4.5 ph 7.5 ta 70 ch 340 cya 55 salt 3600...
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    sheets to record your test results

    I had printed a couple sheets from a thread last year but I can no longer find it. If someone has a .pdf or something that they could attach or link me to the thread. I tried to search but cant come up with anything. thanks Bob
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    my brothers sand filter

    My brother is buying a house with a intex pool with I think a sand filter. I'll get a pic today to help figure out what kind. There is one intake from the pool, one hose to waste, and one return back to the pool. There is a valve on the top with various positions, Filter, filter to waste...
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    vs-3050 Pump running dry.

    So I pulled a dumb move yesterday. I wanted to soak my cartridge elements overnight to clean them. My pump starts at 9:45 am and stops at 4:00pm. Friday night I disassembled everything and pressed the "service" button on the easy touch thinking this would stop any thing from turning on, even...
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    vitamin c to remove rust

    I had 3 small pea size rust spots in my tahoe blue pebbletech. Per the advice here I crushed some 1000mg vit c tablets in a sock and held them on the spots. It only takes about 20 sec and they are gone, I was surprised at how fast, cant tell where they were now.
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    what should CSI be?

    My water test results are as follows: fc 4 cc0 tc4 ph 7.5 ta 80 ch 340 cya 50 salt 3800 temp 84 I have never added borates. When I enter this in pool calc it says my CSI is -.26, what does this mean? The chart says -.6 or less is bad for plaster, and .6 is bad for all pools. Should I do something?
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    ic40 salt level calibration

    I have a new ic40 installed july of this year. The low salt light is on and the salt level says 2600. I also have the taylor salt test that I bought at the same time as the tf-100, it shows 3600. I searched on here but I think the concensus was the newer ones cant be calibrated? I looked inside...
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    What do you guys keep your salt level at?

    Split into a new topic. JasonLion Not trying to hijack but what do you guys keep your salt level at? I have the same unit and although the salt level is 3200ppm the low salt light is on. It was working but stopped a couple days ago. In theory 3200ppm is just right per the manual, I tested with...
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    new pool water balance, questions

    Here is my 1st real set of #'s for my pool water. It will be saltwater but there is none in yet for approx 1 week. I've added chlorine and some muratic acid to keep things "normal" but this was the first time I used the tf-100. fc 3 cc 0 tc 3 ph 7.5 ta 160 ch 400 cya 45 temp 79.9...
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    Safety cover solar heating, open or closed

    I asked this in my construction thread but this may be a more appropriate place... With an auto safety cover, will the pool warm more in the sun with the cover open or closed? The cover is a dark blue.
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    pool/solar shower, petaluma ca.

    I decided to put a shower in by my pool to rinse off if needed. After mulling the design over and looking on here I came up with something that may work. I built a 6" dia schd 40 "tank" x 84" long. This is mounted inside a 8" dia steel pipe which is anchored into the ground. The 8" pipe is...
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    new pool Petaluma Ca

    Alot has been completed already, I just hav'nt found the time to post. Here's a few to get started.
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    what if the pics too big?

    What do I do if the picture I want to post is too big? I took these and then saved them on a flash drive. I guess they're over 512 kb so I get an error trying to load them. I dont know anything about photo shop /.... and don't care to learn now. I know, sounds stubborn, it is.