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    Screenlogic keeps adding a schedule

    If that does not not work I think you can erase the system memory on the control board. ScreenLoginc is just an interface so to the me the problem is on the control board. Not sure why it's not taking. Might be a control board problem.
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    WiFi control

    It is intentet dependent when I am not home or when I am out of range of the wifi. In those situation, I connect via the cell phone/internet. But I was responding to your statement that you "didn't want to use a wifi switch, because if your internet goes out, or there's a server issue, you...
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    Aging equipment. Need advice.

    Waterway is about $1k with the wireless option: I would be interested in the compatibility with various VS pumps, and SWCG.
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    Aging equipment. Need advice.

    I run the EasyTouch Screenlogic system. I really like it. I connect it directly from my pump pad control center to my wireless router (without the wireless interface). It's a DHCP system like all your other internet devices so it hooks up pretty easy but can get confused and the network needs...
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    WiFi control

    Re: WiFi control Your Ph looks pretty low there Yeah, I've been thinking about picking up a used intellichem just measure the water. I don't think it will fit my V1 board so I would have to upgrade to V2.
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    WiFi control

    That's not true with my ScreenLogic system. I just tested it. I unplugged the internet from my router. As long as my wireless router is still working and connected to the protocol adapter, I can connect locally via iphone. I don't see how this is any different in terms of reliability than...
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    ScreenLogic2 not showing anything in the "Local Systems" of the Login Screen..

    Re: ScreenLogic2 not showing anything in the "Local Systems" of the Login Screen.. If you have a laptop or a long Ethernet cable you can connect direct to the protocol adapter and do a firmware update there. Worst case, move the wireless and protocol adapter next to your desktop computer and...
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    WiFi control

    This is definitely simple and cheap. If you want to add more controls like a pool filler (great for away from home) you might consider a consolidated control like an EasyTouch with a ScreenLogic iphone interface. More money but fully integrated and very easy to use. Here are three different...
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    IntelliFlo <> EasyTouch issue - The Return!

    Have you considered firmware updates? That often solves weird problems like these.
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    Removable fence or pool net cover for safety?

    Having had both. Definitely the Fence.
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    corpus christie texas in mid October

    Houston is definitely still really hot then and Corpus is farther South.
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    Automation for pool

    I think the variable speed pumps can be hacked fairly easy. Not so sure about the SWCGS systems but I suspect those too can be hacked. They are just sensor inputs that need to be hacked to EasyTouch controller. See this thread regarding Hayward VSP on EasyTouch...
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    Automation for pool

    Not sure what all that means. The EasyTouch has (I think) 6 or 7 aux relays. Single speed pumps are just electric motors. They hook to relays of any kind unless they are two speeds. They run on 110 or 220v AC service. But like I said any two speed pump should be able to be hacked for any...
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    Automation for pool

    The Easytouch control box is really just a fancy relay box. You should be able to hook any single speed pool motor up to it including the cleaner. Two speed motors I'm not so sure but seems to me there should be a fairly easy hack. Any lights of the correct voltage should hook to the relays...
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    Automation for pool

    If I was starting from scratch I might go that way. I started with an EasyTouch VER1 control board installed and a busted wireless unit. I went to the ScreenLogic as an alternative to upgrading the wireless to VER2 and buying a new unit. I won't run an Alexa in my house. edit by Jim R. Can...
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    Automation for pool

    I just put a ScreenLogic interface on my EasyTouch. It interfaces with any smartphone which means I can control and program my pool from anywhere. The biggest help is my pool filler. I don't have one of those float fillers so filling the pool while I'm away is a hassle. I had to get the...
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    Can Easy Touch Control A Sprinkler Valve?

    I took the advice from the posted thread above. I used a PIG3 I had leftover when I replaced an electric valve a few years back and hooked that to one of the Aux valve outlets on the motherboard. I ran PIG3 black and red wires to the #8 Aux relay. Then hooked the relay to a Rain-bird...
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    Can Easy Touch Control A Sprinkler Valve?

    It appears there are two 24v aux valve ports on the motherboard (see pic). I'm not sure how these work. Are they always on? Anyway, Perhaps this could be a source of 24v supply for my sprinkler valve?
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    Can Easy Touch Control A Sprinkler Valve?

    Has anyone tried to get EasyTouch to control a 24v sprinkler valve? My pool was built without an auto fill set up:mad: My pool fill plumbing set-up could easily be converted to a sprinkler valve and I am thinking I could control it from the EasyTouch off the #8 Auxiliary button. With my...
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    ScreenLogic Outdoor Transceiver With Pool Remote?

    Ok, I have a non-standard use question. A little background. I have a V1 Easy Touch system with V1 motherboard/transceiver/remote. The V1 remote died and I bought a new V2 remote which will not work with the V1 transceiver. I ended up buying a ScreenlLogic kit with a wireless set-up. I...
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    Easy Touch V1 Motherboard Compatibility With V2 Transceiver & Remote?

    I never got an answer to this question. I ended up converting to a ScreenLogic setup wired directly to the motherboard. The set up was really easy. The hardest part was drilling a hole in my house. I think I hit a hurricane strap or something like that:eek:. So we don't get to the bottom of...
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    Easy Touch V1 Motherboard Compatibility With V2 Transceiver & Remote?

    I have an Easy Touch V1 motherboard, transceiver & 8 button remote. My remote recently died and only new V2's are generally available so I bought one (model number ends in 2A). I have learned it will not pair with the V1 transceiver so I am in the market for a V2 transceiver (520946Z). My...