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    Bubbles in return when using sand filter

    Yesterday I noticed bubble coming from my return line. My pump appeared to have full head, there was plenty of water in the pool, but the sand filter was making a "gurgling" sound. When I switched to recirculate instead of to filter the bubbles stopped within just a few seconds. What's up...
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    Any way to bring water temps back down?

    My water temperatures have climbed into the 90s and it's too warm to really enjoy the pool. Is there any way to bring the temperature back down?
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    Plumbing leak, water building behind liner

    I bought my home last September and I really love the pool, but it has been a constant source of stress and frustration. Not the water chemistry -- thanks to you guys once that was taken care of the first time it has stayed in perfect balance since. Last fall there was a lot of rain and my...
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    New home, new pool, new test kit, unexpected results

    Hello All, I'm new to the forum and to pool ownership and I'm having some unexpected results with the water tests. I live in Oklahoma City, and just bought a house with an inground pool with vinyl liner; the pool water is crystal clear and sparkly and I can see the bottom clearly. I got my...