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    Manifold repair on Jandy JXi

    My Jandy JXi did survive the freeze. Looks like the manifold has cracked. Does anyone have any advice on repairing it? Is there a manual on breaking it down to replace the part? Or being 5 years old just replace the whole thing? I see there is a breakdown view with part numbers but no step by...
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    Leaking AG Pool Heater

    Just noticed that my Hayward H400FDN pool/spa heater after 10 year was leaking water. It could be one of three things, the water tubes, manifold to the tubes or the gasket between. Question, has anyone changed out the gasket, manifold or water tubes before? Is it difficult or should I contact a...
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    Hayward Ecommand4

    I have a Hayward Ecommand4 pool controller. The time of day clock doesn't seem to keep time anymore. I set if and for some unknown reason it needs to be reset again the next morning. Does anyone know if there is battery that can be replaced or if there is a circuit board that needs to be...