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    I hope you closed properly !

    Yep, The Polar Vortex is on the way. LOL , If you have any doubts about your closing techniques, now is the time to start worrying. Where did they come up with that name anyway?
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    Just finished redoing all my plumbing . What do you think? Pic

    It took a while, but I think I got it.
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    Homemade overflow port?

    So I have a in ground pool that's surrounded by a wood deck that's 18" high from ground level. My pool doesn't have a overflow and durning the fall, early spring when my pump is removed I have to siphon the water out when it fills with rain. So I thought I would make my own. My thought is to...
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    How I blow the lines with a small compressor.

    This is what I have always done and it works fine. It's easy and one person can do this in 20min. or less. When the water gets to 50 degrees I shock the pool the night before closing and let it mix well. Next day I lower the water just below the returns. I hook up my pancake compressor to an...
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    Does Asboric Acid devolve?

    I just did a AA treatment for stains, my Jacks Magich pink stuff has been delayed for shipping. Will the AA I put in the pool 2 days ago still be ok without my stains coming back. I have been slowly bringing my numbers back where they should be. Does Asboric Acic deteriorate over time or is it...
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    Is my DPD powder still good?

    my DPD powder (0870) is turning a shade or 2 on the gray side. I assume this is just because of moisture getting to the powder. It's still usable isn't it?
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    So I did the AA treatment and It lowered my cya a bit.

    Is this possible? It lowered it by 10ppm or do you think it's just me. I tested it my normal 2 times and if I get the same I call it good. The pool looks great anyway.
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    Why don't they make chlorine tabs with no CYA ?

    Never thought about it much or researched it. Is there such a thing as chlorine only 3" tabs? If not, why not? Seems like something that would make life a little easier.
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    Pool skimmer pole cam lock?

    My pool cleaning alum. pole is in need of a new cam lock. How do you get the old one off? I'm thinking hack saw? Does the new one glue on? Thanks
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    Swimming during AA treatment

    Is it ok to swim right after you put in the AA ?
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    Do you think this method will work for stains?

    So let me give you some details. This is my 2nd year of using the tfp method and my pool is Gin clear just like last year. I open my pool the first week of June after all the pollen and stuff has fallen from the trees. Before opening and taking off the loop loc my pump has been running for 3...
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    Loop Loc particals floating on surface? Help

    So my cover needs to be replace and last week when I opened the pool I found thousands of little green pieces to my cover floating on the surface. They don't sink in the skimmer, they slip through the leaf catcher, I even tried putting a tee shirt over my leaf catcher but that just pushes them...
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    Bubble trouble?

    When my hayward super pump fires up in the mourning I get a lot of bubbles from the returns for about 30 seconds. ( it never did this last year) No leaks anywhere, so I did notice that my gasket is a little worn. Is this most likely the culprit even though no water leaks from the gasket.
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    Can I swim when at shock level?

    I let my target FC level slip and had to bring my FC up to shock level last night and bring it back up again this am. It's going to be very hot today. Can I still use the pool?
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    Pool calculator and IPad ?

    When I use the pool calculator on my IPad it always gives me the incorrect ounces on my FC. For example it will say add 1.3 oz. instead of 13 oz. Is this a common problem that everyone else is having while using an IPad? Sure I understand now how to deal with it but it sure would be nice if...
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    Waiting a week to test CYA ?

    As soon as the granular CYA dissolves from the sock can I do the test or do I need to wait a week? It would seem to me that if it has completely dissolved than it's in the water and would be ok to run the test, right?
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    Adding CYA with 3" pucks ?

    So my CYA is at 20 and I need to raise it a bit. If I put some 3 " pucks in my clorinator and run my pump 8 hrs a day will this just take to long to bump it up another 10 or 20? Can adding the 3" pucks be calculated in any way to help zero in on the dosage? Or should I just go out and buy some...
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    I recalculated my pool volume the right way. Wow!

    Well being a surveyor for 35 yrs I just had to know the true volume vs. the Internet's pool volume calculators. I ended up with 10 different sections that I broke out including the steps and there volume. Did the calcs and ended up with 2,000 gal less then pool calculators estimate. I also...
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    Would you lower the TA a tad ?

    It's working like a charm. Thanks to this site. My CC is now at .05 and my FC loss drop to 3ppm I just added a 1 1/2 cup of DE to my sand filter to help mop up the fine pollen dust that happen 4 days ago. I can see the drain fine but the pollen particals is keeping from turning clear, thus...
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    using Diatomaceous Earth in a sand filter ?

    So I have read about adding DE to a sand filter on this site and thinking about doing that to help speed of the process of filtering. I have also read elsewhere that the DE will pass right through the sand and end up in the pool and you can never get it out. Is this true? Does it even matter...
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    someone please help me to upload pics?

    I'm trying to upload from photo bucket. What are the steps. Thanks so much. I want to imbed the photo in my post.
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    What test do you use the speedy stir on? Updated w/ pics

    I think I need this. What test will I be able to use it on? I want to get my test as accurate as I can and I think this is the ticket. Thanks
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    CH in a Vinyl pool ?

    I understand that CH is for plaster type pools but is there and reason to have in in vinyl pools? Do I even need to adjust this?
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    Ready for PH & TA ?

    So Im filling the pool after getting rid of the CYA. Tomorrow I will be able to test the cya and move to my next step. PH Do I only Adjust the PH first and let it become stable and then adjust the TA? That could take days right? Won't the PH bounce around until I get the TA adjusted also. Thanks
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    Refilling due to CYA?

    My CYA was 120. I just drained 1/3 and refilling now. My question is, after it's refilled do I run the pump to mix the new water with the old? Or can I drain off another 1/3 as soon as its filled? Thanks for your help?
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    Where to buy the Speedstir ?

    So I want to get a speedstir, where do you buy them and how much? I saw a guy on ebay sells them for $ 41.00 shipped. Is that a good price? Thanks
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    pool log / testing spreadsheet?

    I going to either make a spreadsheet or buy a note book and track my readings. How did you experts format yours? Is there one on the site that I can copy or print. I can see that this will really help me learn and also show me exactly how much to use with no waste or bouncing my readings up and...
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    Will I have enough Regants?

    I just bought the Taylor K 2006. I am getting everything ready to open my pool with the BBB method. I'm thinking that the little .75 oz bottles will not be enough to get me through the summer here in NY. My pool now is cloudy but I think I may deal with a cya problem and have to drain some...