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    Bubbles in return when using sand filter

    I am seeing absolutely no air bubbles in the basket. None at all, not even at the edges. I'll see what I can learn about problems with the suction side. Maybe try putting bypassing the skimmer while using the filter, and if I see bubbles bypass the drain while using the filter. Thanks for...
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    Bubbles in return when using sand filter

    Yesterday I noticed bubble coming from my return line. My pump appeared to have full head, there was plenty of water in the pool, but the sand filter was making a "gurgling" sound. When I switched to recirculate instead of to filter the bubbles stopped within just a few seconds. What's up...
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    How many $ do you spend on your pool in a year?

    $15 for stabilizer once per year $2 baking soda once per year I've never had to add MA or add Borax, my pH stays very stable. 22.50 per month on bleach (I use approximately 1 quart per day) and I swim about 5 months out of the year - 112.50 $40 Polyquat once per year at closing. Annual cost...
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    Just Discovered TFP, Just Opened Goliath Pool, Just Reconsidered My Life Choices

    Your pool is going to be beautiful! Just a little longer...
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    Any way to bring water temps back down?

    Thanks you two, I appreciate it.
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    Any way to bring water temps back down?

    My water temperatures have climbed into the 90s and it's too warm to really enjoy the pool. Is there any way to bring the temperature back down?
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    Ugly Duckling Pool Reno in Maine

    And just like the old story the ugly duckling is in truth a beautiful swan. What a difference you have made!
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    New to the neighborhood - kinda hopeless pool problem

    When I first moved into my new house and started with the pool the TA wouldn't test at all -- there was so much acid in the pool from the pucks that nothing would register no telling how low the pH really was since 6.8 was as low as the test would read. I had to add about 16 lbs of baking soda...
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    How much does your free chlorine typically move down?

    Mine usually drops between 25% and 30% per day. I add bleach daily.
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    CYA out of control...among other things

    What is your pH reading? When I moved into my home the CYA was over 300 and the pool was so acidic I couldn't even get a reading on pH or TA, but like you the water was crystal clear. Can the acidity keep algae at bay?
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    To quote the great Mel Brooks: EVERYTHING is sooooo GREEEEEEN !!!!

    Awesome start -- the only thing missing is pictures :)
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    disposing of old liner

    I had my liner replaced this spring and they hauled away the old one. Of course, I also paid closer to 4k than 2.5k.
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    Is our pool too old to save?

    I'll post up the pictures when I get home from work tonight. If they aren't helpful to you just ignore 'em :)
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    Is our pool too old to save?

    Do you know if you leak is from suction side or return side? I had a huge leak in my return lines, under concrete, no good way for me to able to take care of it financially right at the moment, but I managed to rig an above ground return with pool/spa hose, some pvc and a few fittings from home...
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    It's Mine!

    Beautiful! And congratulations -- I hope you enjoy your pool as much as we've enjoyed ours. It helps a lot to start with TFP's base of knowledge -- you'll probably never see a green swamp :)
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    Liner Wrinkle in Old Pool

    I had a leak in a return line along with heavy rains and ground water and got a LOT of water behind and under my liner. An old pool lover told me that to get rid of the wrinkles I should brush the length of the wrinkle, and toward the wall. So, we brushed the wrinkles while we pumped out...
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    Plumbing leak, water building behind liner

    I bought my home last September and I really love the pool, but it has been a constant source of stress and frustration. Not the water chemistry -- thanks to you guys once that was taken care of the first time it has stayed in perfect balance since. Last fall there was a lot of rain and my...
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    About to start BBB, first steps

    It looks beautiful :)
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    Green pool- ready to give up!

    For a SLAM you really need the DPD-FAS test and not the drop test so that you can measure your FC accurately, the drop test won't give you any information except that it's over 5, and not that it's between 5 and 10. What if it were actually 17 and you're adding as if it's 5? If you're going to...
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    About to start BBB, first steps

    Personally, I wouldn't increase the CYA yet. Since the sun burns a percentage of chlorine and not an exact number you lose more chlorine if you have more in the pool. My chlorine always burns down from shock level very quickly with a CYA of 40, but holds fine at normal chlorine levels. Let...
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    New Swamp is mine - now I need to get it clean

    And more pictures?
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    tint of green with my intex swg.

    It looks pretty :)
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    Cleaning up a 2 year old pool - holy moly!!!

    Wow, that is absolutely beautiful. You must be very proud of yourself.
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    New home, new pool, new test kit, unexpected results

    I will definitely get it up tonight.
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    New home, new pool, new test kit, unexpected results

    Thank you all very much for your advice and suggestions. I've added a full box of 20 Mule, but the pH is still not readable. I'll get a couple more this evening and finish the process. Thank you very much for the offer of using your submersible pump BKendrick, but I do have a main drain and...
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    New home, new pool, new test kit, unexpected results

    Okay, added 12 lbs of baking soda and got to a TA of 20. Going to add some borax now and see if I can get a good pH level. Thank you all for all of your help. Also, I plan to leave the pool uncovered through the winter. Will this lower CYA?
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    New home, new pool, new test kit, unexpected results

    What about the TA test? Am I not getting accurate readings because of too much FC? With the water diluted 50/50 with tap water I get a CYA reading of 70. So, CYA of 140? pH of tap water is a shade between 7.5 and 7.8.
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    New home, new pool, new test kit, unexpected results

    I'm sorry, I didn't make myself clear. I do add 5 drops total, but even on the very first drop when testing pH the water is bright yellow with no orange tint. After all five of the drops are added it looks a lot like the chorine test instead of the pH test -- even though I am definitely using...
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    New home, new pool, new test kit, unexpected results

    Hello All, I'm new to the forum and to pool ownership and I'm having some unexpected results with the water tests. I live in Oklahoma City, and just bought a house with an inground pool with vinyl liner; the pool water is crystal clear and sparkly and I can see the bottom clearly. I got my...