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    Modern Intex Rectangular Pool Build DIY

    Fantastic job! I love how the pool color matches the fence. You still have plenty of time to enjoy it as well.
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    Drain AGP below eyeball

    So to drain my pool down, set the valve to waste and turn the pump on till it's right at the bottom of the skimmer, turn off the pump. I put the vacuum in the pool like I normally do, filling the hose with water, I disconnect the suction line from the bottom of the skimmer and use the...
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    Sand Coping has "Sunk" on one side of the pool.

    Its near that side but about 6-8 feet away from the scupper, I'm sure it's where the soil has settled. I was suppressed that the liner was not coming out from under the wall. There must be enough soil support as well as I'm sure that its compressed some. There's a large "divot" in the center...
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    Sand Coping has "Sunk" on one side of the pool.

    Our above ground pools as been in place for the last 3 years. On the side of of the pool where the skimmer is located the floor of the pools has sunk where it appears the pool installed filled it in with dirt. The top rail of the pool has not sunk, it's support on some rather large blocks...
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    Can I turn pool sub panel into a primary panel

    We're in Kentucky and were in the same situation as you were. Our house was build in 1954, had the fuses replaced with a 100 AMP breaker in 1971. When we went to put the pool in we replace the main service with a 300 AMP service for ~$2,100, we also had the elect buried to the house for...
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    Leaving pool up without water?

    You will want to have water in the pool. Last spring we had to re-level out above ground pool, it was drained for less than a day, but any wind blew the walls around and these were not heavy winds. Just patch the hole with flex tape or patch it and get some water in the pool if you cannot get...
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    Polyquat 60 age and pool closing

    I'm going though and making sure that I have everything I need to close the pool in about 6 weeks, once I'm sure that the water temp is below 60 deg. I've got half a bottle of polyquat 60 left over from closing last year. I've looked and cannot find anything about an expiration date or how...
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    Replacing Liner, Foam Board****Now Done w/Pictures

    Thanks I didn't even think about making paper templates. I appreciate the quick response.
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    Replacing Liner, Foam Board****Now Done w/Pictures

    aboykin2269, I've been wanting to do this with my 21' Round pool. How did you cut yours so that you got it shape of the pool? I was thinking about laying it all out on the ground and using a string to mark the foam. Any help on how you cut it to fit would be appreciated.
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    Cleaning the Skimmer

    Thanks that's what I'll do. Happy 4th.
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    Cleaning the Skimmer

    Our skimmer looks very dirty on the inside. It's not algae but sun screen, dirt, pollen and other gunk. Normally I would just get a washcloth and some dish detergent and clean it. I'm not sure that it would be a good idea. I also thought about using a magic eraser. Any suggestions? Thanks Joe
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    Backwashing when the water level is too high

    Thanks guys that's what I'll don.
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    Backwashing when the water level is too high

    With all of the rain that we've received over the last couple of years I've been backwashing the pool filter when the water level in the pool gets too high. I do have a couple of questions: 1. Does that hurt the filter? Yesterday in preparation for the rain today we drained 4" off of the pool...
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    Closing and AG Pool and having it leveled.

    Earlier this year we had an AG pool installed. The pool came with a Frog Leap system, I know from reading the forum this is not something that most members use. We've been very happy with it, I just refill the cartridges with 1" chlorine tabs from In The Swim, so the cost has been minimal...