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    simple chemical chart PLEASE !

    As i read all the input on chemicals I need a SIMPLE chart if there is such a thing without going into all the techie stuff ! for example......if my pool holds 8600 gal of water WHAT do I add to boost PH FC and all the other things that need to be addressed ???? What fixes what ? What lowers...
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    sand filter problems

    Not my first pool but first sand filter system ( Swimline Hydrotools #71225) completed the pool install couple weeks and having problems with the filter system... 1 after only about 6 hours running it loses all pressure....have to backwash to get it going again 2 highest the pressure gauge has...
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    concrete or dirt ?????

    My perimeter for my 18ft AGP is spot on ready for the patio block and bottom rail BUT I noticed this evening after 4 inches of rain the past 2 days that 2 areas in the inner of the circle, roughly 2x2ft are holding a puddle, maybe a inch or so deep. Should I fill these with concrete or maybe...
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    foam for pool base

    I am seeing where many are using "foam" as a base under liner. What type of foam is being used? Thanks for helping !
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    advise on my pool site

    My wife & I decided on 18ft 52in deep metal frame pool Cornelius Pools Phoenixwe live in a slightly rural area with ROCKY slooping land----the area we are installing the pool I had to take out about 2ft of soil on the upper slope to start getting it level (mind u I'm doing all this with my...