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  1. FLPoolDIY

    Pool Math........The App

    Did the update and tried to renew subscription all data was lost. Not happy at all.
  2. FLPoolDIY

    Looking for my 1st robot

    The local pool store 😬 has a sale on the maytronics dolphin echo for $499.99. I’m about to bite on it any thoughts?
  3. FLPoolDIY

    Looking for my 1st robot

    I’ve been doing a lot of research but can’t find any information on how the robot will do with a beach entry pool or if they will get tangled in the three pool bar stools in my pool. My Hayward Navigator gets caught on the bar stools for a bit and will eventually find its way out. Does...
  4. FLPoolDIY

    Odd Observation Air in Pump Basket

    The air pocket is about 1/2", but pump operation is normal. The water does not drain when the pump is off. I had that issue awhile ago and resolved it with o-ring lub on the filter and pump basket o-rings.
  5. FLPoolDIY

    Odd Observation Air in Pump Basket

    My pump basket typically has an air pocket during normal operations... when I drain water from the pool through the cartridge filter hose fitting the air pocket slowly disappears. Typically the air pocket will reappear within one day. What could this be? Pool equipment is listed in my...
  6. FLPoolDIY

    Alternate Contaners for MA and more...

    Thank you for the recommendations. I brought my FC to 15 and pH to 7.3 prior to leaving for 15 days. I'm happy to report that when testing today everything was still within the recommended range and my pool is still crystal clear.
  7. FLPoolDIY

    Alternate Contaners for MA and more...

    I'm going out of town for a few weeks and have someone who will be at the house, however they have no clue on pool care. I have a SWG so chlorine level isn't that big of an issue. I keep my ph at 7.7 and add 4oz of MA per week. What type of container can I put 4oz of MA so they don't have to...
  8. FLPoolDIY

    IntelliChlor ic40 cell light wont turn on

    I had the same issue with mine. Unfortunately, the only fix is to replace the unit. The down side to the intelliChlor units is lack of field replacement parts. The only part that is replaceable in field is the flow switch. I lucked out and had one month of warranty remaining when mine failed.
  9. FLPoolDIY

    just reeived my hair-nets for skimmers

    I change mine every couple of days. If it looks dirty it gets changed. The hairnets are cheap...
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    Spa overspill making me Want to end my Life!

    If the water is running back your spillway is angled towards the spa. You don't really have many options. You have to determine if the spillway can be repositioned. If you can reposition than make sure it has a negative slope towards the pool. If you can't reposition the spillway I would get a...
  11. FLPoolDIY

    Fill Water CH

    When I added the R-0011L the water turned blue. Does that indicate CH is 0 or something else?
  12. FLPoolDIY

    New Solar Panel design questions

    Billiam, I have seven of the techno-solis panels installed with a similar sized pool. Like you, I live about 26 miles north of Tampa and was able to get my water to 85 degrees today. I typically see about a 4-5 degree increase in water temperature from the skimmer to the return. I'm not sure if...
  13. FLPoolDIY

    Muriatic acid cost?

    This is the one item that is cheaper for me at the Pool $tore. I live in FL and use one of the chain stores (Pi*ch A Pen*y). I pay about $5.00 per gallon. Lowes is about $.50 more per gallon.
  14. FLPoolDIY

    Testament to TFP method

    I brought my CH up to 400 from 325 and I swear my pool is even more clear than before. Find a pool store pool that looks like this and if it does, I'm sure they have spent way more $ than what I've spent in the 8 months of following the TFP method.
  15. FLPoolDIY

    Lion Head Wall Spout Fell Off

    I went with the Gorilla glue construction adhesive for a few extra bucks. Previously the lion head had water leaking around the edge so I'm sure it was on its way to falling off. The second lion head will be coming off soon since it has a leak around the base also. They should be tightly sealed...
  16. FLPoolDIY

    About to become a pool boy (w/ pics)...

    Isn't that the truth... I love the speecstir and IMHO it ensures everything is getting mixed well. I have a total of three magnetic pills so I can move through all my test quicker and without the potential of cross contamination.
  17. FLPoolDIY

    Pros/cons of TFP method

    I can attest to the TFP method. I never owned a pool until 14 months ago when I bought my home. The previous owner use a pool guy and when I took my first sample to the pool store all my levels were off according to the pool store method $175 later I was putting all kinds of stuff in my pool. I...
  18. FLPoolDIY

    Pool Math........The App

    I noticed that CSI is only calculated when a full chemical panel is entered. Since CSI changes with the daily test of pH it would be nice to see CSI calculated with the previous results and the current pH and temperature if possible. Maybe the block in the logs could be a different color when a...
  19. FLPoolDIY

    PH options ThankYou Patrick B & Oldguy70

    Re: PH options I've been been running my SWG at 40% through the winter with an average water temperature of 70 degrees. Summer months I adjust between 80% and 100% depending on pool use. I check my FC and Ph daily and adjust as needed also.
  20. FLPoolDIY

    Lion Head Wall Spout Fell Off

    Today my daughter decided to use the lion head wall spout as a stepping stone to get up the wall and it came detached from the wall. It looks like it was installed with some type of mortar. Looking for suggestions on what to use to reinstall the lion head.
  21. FLPoolDIY

    PH options ThankYou Patrick B & Oldguy70

    Re: PH options I'm wondering if you have some type of external factor that is causing your Ph to do this. I typically add 4oz of MA per week and have gone two weeks on occasion only adding 4oz of MA. My numbers are very similar to yours. I keep my Ph at 7.7. I have a waterfall that is ran...
  22. FLPoolDIY

    Pool Math........The App

    I would be more than happy to pay $9.99. The savings in doing my own pool maintenance alone makes the paid version well worth it.
  23. FLPoolDIY

    Pool Math........The App

    I'm ready for this app to be available... I would like to track my salt cell % setting to help with trending all the parameters with the pool. Will this be a function in the app?
  24. FLPoolDIY

    Dialing in VS Pump RPMs when running solar

    FloridaSolarPro, Can you explain more about the VRV location? I recently moved mine to the lower head so I could reduce my RPM to 2350.
  25. FLPoolDIY

    Pool Build - Central FL

    I agree with Brentr on the pool cage. I wasn't to sure on having a cage until I was swing at a friends who didn't have one. The bugs and everything else make for a miserable time swimming. The cage also keeps the cleaning to a minimum. I've found that the cage does keep the pool cooler and...
  26. FLPoolDIY

    Return line bubbles only when solar system is on

    Pooldv thank you for the recommendation. Quick fix and it worked. I'm a little embarrassed to say that prior to this post I've been turning my three way valve to far and when I thought I was using solar, I actually wasn't. This is why I didn't notice all the air being induced into the system...
  27. FLPoolDIY

    Return line bubbles only when solar system is on

    I moved the VRV to the lower head and can run the pump at about 2350 RPM before the valve begins chattering slightly. The valve has been installed for about 7 years and could be on its last leg. Are there any disadvantages to having the VRV on the lower head? I live near Tampa, FL so freezing...
  28. FLPoolDIY

    Return line bubbles only when solar system is on

    The VRV is currently at the end of the upper header.
  29. FLPoolDIY

    Return line bubbles only when solar system is on

    When my solar panel are on I have a large amount of bubbles coming from my return lines. The vacuum breaker is chattering allowing air to enter the system. My filter is clean and indicating 10 psi at 2200 RPM with solar off. With solar on it's indicating 12 psi. Is there a set PSI that the...
  30. FLPoolDIY

    Filter Cartridge Replacement Interval

    The filter still looks new and my pressure is about the same when it was new. I clean the filter on a monthly basis just to keep it clean. The highest pressure rise I've seen was 10% before cleaning. Today I started the hair net in the skimmer which method which will reduce my cleaning...