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    Need help getting chemicals under control!

    A salt water generator is great. But I have one and still use liquid chlorine to supplement it when necessary. Check out pool math, the link is at the bottom of the page. Input your specs and it will tell you exactly what to add to keep your numbers in range, and it is a range it doesnt have...
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    Need help getting chemicals under control!

    It is your best option if you dont want to do it daily. They are putting in what appears to be 24ish ppm and you are losing at least 4ppm per day. You are spending at least 2 days a week without enough fc to properly sanitize. Its great you are testing but you have to use that info to keep...
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    Need help getting chemicals under control!

    Do you chlorinate the pool or are they just doing it once a week? I dont see an SWG in your signature so just checking.
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    Green pool.....nothing is working!

    Can you take a picture of your water? The green color could be algae but it sounds more like iron in the water coming from your well. Check out the seasonal pool link listed above. If you treat your pool as a permanent pool you will want one of the better test kits, if you choose to treat it...
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    CYA went down as I decreased TA and increased CH

    70 degree water means pools open in our neck of the woods.
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    Raising CH

    I'd be a bit more concerned with broadcasting the pellets over flakes. They may take a while to dissolve and produce a fair amount of heat while doing so. Maybe see if @mknauss has a recommendation first
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    HELP! New pool, just tested my water!

    I'm trying to find your SWG but maybe someone else can help out. Its a Hayward aquarite but I dont see a 900 model. If you have a single speed pump you should run it for 4 hours minimum but long enough to skim debris or generate needed FC. Depending on the model you can use the poolmath...
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    HELP! New pool, just tested my water!

    Everything looks good now as long as your water is clear. Round your CYA up to 30 and keep your FC in-between 4-6ppm. Take a look at the FC\CYA chart and change your target levels as your CYA changes. No need to go to 100% just keep it where its at and fine tune its run time and % to keep...
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    HELP! New pool, just tested my water!

    8 lbs of stabilezer is a good start. You need 10 lbs in a 40k pool to get to 30 so that should get you a little under to start. Retest and then add 2 more lbs in a couple of days if it reads about 20ppm. If you dont need to slam you will want to add another 8 lbs eventually. Please do fill...
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    HELP! New pool, just tested my water!

    No thats 12.5% liquid chlorine, aka bleach. If your water is a fresh fill and you haven't added any cya (aka stabilizer or conditioner) you want to do that first or at the same time as adding the liquid shock. Get your CYA up to 30 otherwise the chlorine will not hold . Im assuming your salt...
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    HELP! New pool, just tested my water!

    If you shop at Meijer they will have Muriatic Acid in the paint section, it is a lower concentrate but easier to handle. They also carry liquid pool shock. 10% and $12 for 4 jugs and is usually very fresh. I have an SWG but always keep a case on hand. If you use the CYA pods (also at meijer...
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    Converted to SWG and have cloudy water

    When did you last add the CYA? Recently? How much did you add and how did you add it? If you are confident it is fully dissolved and your CYA is 50 then your slam level is 20. It's going to take 5-6 gallons to get there initially and enough to maintain that level throughout slam. You don't...
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    Animal Poop in pool

    Got it, thanks for the reply.
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    Animal Poop in pool

    Woke up this morning to find that a deer must have gone for a late night swim and evacuated in my pool. My CYA is at 70-80 and FC was 9.0 last night. I cleaned up the mess as best I could but the majority of the pellets fell apart as I was scooping. Anyone have any recommendations as far as...
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    Burning eyes of all of a sudden

    PH is not accurate when FC is above 10. Burning sensation could be from low PH. I looked through your pool math logs and you keep your FC extremely high I'm assuming because of the elevated cya level. Have you done a ph test at lower FC levels to check that it is accurate? Just thinking you...
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    Levels off — clear pool

    Your target FC is literally off the charts with your CYA that high. Someone here will give you directions on a water exchange but that will bring your CYA and CH down to manageable levels. Don't worry about your TA currently just keep adjusting your PH down and your TA will come down slowly as...