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    Considering buying a house that I think had a pool at one to approach

    @Newdude I don't think there is anything in the picture making him believe there was a pool, it's just that a permit was pulled at some point and they can't confirm visually.
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    Construction Delays? High Demand/Covid Delays = Long Waits

    We use an old friend when buying cars and purchased one a couple months ago. He said new car prices are going to be high for the next few months as their inventories are really low due to production more or less stopping in March/April. GM removed a lot of their incentives in August. Low...
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    Pool In Font Yard?? Sketch & Pix, Please Advise

    I can take a couple when I get home and post. Ours is surrounded by trees which sucks for 12 months out of the year but honestly I'm ok dealing with the leaves to have the sort of private setting we have on a small .5 acre lot. My only short term change is to tear up the concrete decking and...
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    Pool In Font Yard?? Sketch & Pix, Please Advise

    Just my two cents here but I think for northern pools aesthetics are almost more important than the south because we aren't able to use the pools as much - less a necessity so it can't stick out. Mine is part of my landscaping and an enjoyable place to hang out in the fall and spring, even when...
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    Contracts signed, Long Island

    It's the cartridge filter you can't backwash on your build, swg doesn't impact that.
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    Getting Ready to Sign Contract - Questions

    @guiness I assumed this was always done to GFI protect the pool light? The pool light is wired to the gfi and then to the breaker correct?
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    Getting Ready to Sign Contract - Questions

    ×100 what Maddie said. Our 18 year old doesn't dive but when her friends come over the guys do. And our 10 year old has no interest in anything except diving, cannonballs, front flips, or diving for things in the deep end.