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    Slightly cloudy water

    I’ve noticed the water in my pool is fairly cloudy. There’s a little fungal activity - a single brush down the vinyl each time I use it keeps it from being slimy, nothing visible. Chemical balance is fine from all I’ve measured. Circulation moving fine, although filter is stubbornly slimey; I...
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    Obtaining a Taylor Test kit

    My endless pool came with a K-1005, which has now run out of R-0001 & R-0002 (free chlorine reagents) I’m trying to get replacement reagents (or a basic Taylor Kit, as they seem to cost about the same), but it’s nearly impossible to source in the UK. I’m seeing prices upwards of £100 (130USD)...
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    Is low TA a problem?

    So, this is my first post here, although I’ve been using this site as one of my primary sources of information for the year I’ve had my pool. Sorry for its excessive length! My water supply has a very high TA, nearly 180, which I understand is because water is in Cambridgeshire is mostly...