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  1. jblizzle

    Pro logic, no cell power

    Just found an error message in the pro logic p4. "No cell power" related to the SWG. Any thoughts @JamesW?
  2. jblizzle

    Silver Nitrate stain clean up

    Does anyone know of a way to clean up the brown silver nitrate staining? Clearly on the skin it goes away in a few days, but somehow I got some on the SpeedStir so the top of it is all discolored. Any way to remove that stain? I would not care so much if it was not on the area where the vial sits.
  3. jblizzle

    Four zero zero zero zero

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the inexperienced pool owners out there that have allowed me to achieve the quite ridiculous accomplishment of making 40k posts ... without you, I would have so much more free time on my hands :mrgreen: I would also like to announce my...
  4. jblizzle

    So you think you have a lot of pollen?

    This is less than a day of pollen and tree droppings build up. :shock: Post your pictures if you think you can compete? :mrgreen:
  5. jblizzle

    Why I don't trust pool maintenance companies ... latest edition

    So, my FIL has continued to use a pool service even after constant problems and me explaining that it is not hard to DIY. This particular company only comes once every 2 weeks, even in the AZ summer ... so with "testing" and chemical additions only happening every 14 days, you can imagine how...
  6. jblizzle

    Switch from DE to Cartridge ... talk me off ... or push me over the ledge

    Previous house had a 60 sqft DE Hayward filter. Current house came with a 60 sqft DE Hayward filter. So that is all I have experience with. What I don't like: 1. Buying, mixing and dealing with the DE all over the yard ... forget about recharging if it is windy 2. When it starts to get dirty...
  7. jblizzle

    Link test

    [fc/cya][/fc/cya] - - - Updated - - - Looks like my keyboard shortcuts worked
  8. jblizzle

    Pressure gauge public service announcement

    I have one of the glycerin filled pressure gauges that I got from ... That thing is great! Anyway I was just out of the pool and looked and it was showing a pressure of only 5 PSI which I thought was really strange. The flow seem to be good and my flow meter showed good flow so...
  9. jblizzle

    Tapatalk images not showing on PC

    As mush as you know that I like to use Tapatalk, it pains me to report this issue :D It appears that I can not see images that were uploaded to Tapatalk on my PC. Example post: First time poster green pool - Page 3 Now there is a chance that this is due to my PC running XP and my browser being...